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WWE Create-a-Superstar Triple H Gladiator Figure – Recommended

WWE Create-a-Superstar Triple H Gladiator Figure

  • Create unlimited combinations to create your own WWE Superstar
  • Mix and match gear, ring attire and body parts
  • Battle gear is compatible with other 6-inch WWE figures
  • Lots of imaginative play for WWE fans
  • Collect them all to build out the Create-A-WWE Superstar world (each sold separately)

Create the ultimate WWE Superstar with the Triple H Gladiator Figure. Mix and match body parts and battle gear to build a completely unique figure. Show off your customized creation or challenge an existing 15cm WWE Superstar to the ultimate showdown! With Create-a-Superstar sets, it’s easy to for kids to build the fighter they’ve always dreamed of seeing in the ring. There are nearly unlimited combinations for the ultimate, one-of-a-kind wrestler! A great figure for ages six and up.

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