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Get some ‘Friends’ at LG’s new marketplace for G5 accessories

Looking for some new accessories for you LG G5 smartphone? You need friends. No really, you need LG s G5 accessory lineup, which is called Friends.

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To make it easier for people to buy Friends, the company has launched a Friends2 marketplace, which offers you more Friends than you ll probably ever need. The store is available in the U.S., U.K., South Korea, and the UAE, and from it you can get things like the Cam Plus, the Hi Fi Plus, 360VR, 360CAM, and more. What s even more interesting, however, is that at some point in the future the store will be open to developers who build a certified Friend. The marketplace will also be open to those who build G5 modules, and successful modules will be co-developed with LG before they go on sale through the store. Last but not least is a community page, which will be added to the site as a place for developers to share reviews and opinions on both existing modules and upcoming modules.

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LG is making a big push for its modular concept, and plans to implement the design into later phones, potentially creating a new ecosystem for smartphones that is able to switch out modules to customize the smartphone. Of course, LG s idea isn t anywhere near as modular as other phones we ve seen namely Google s Project Ara. However, Project Ara seems to have gotten stuck in development, and we haven t heard anything about the project in a few months, apart from news that Google was still planning on launching the device this year4.

Still, the G5 could represent a shift in the smartphone industry one toward more customization and personalization.

This is especially true if a lot of third-party developers end up making modules for the G5 or future LG smartphones.


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