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Price Tag For Moto X Pure Edition Bamboo Is Dropped

Going by the specs, we assume that Moto G4 Plus will pack special features1 oriented for photography lovers including fingerprint sensor integration on the front below the display with quick unlocking capabilities.

Motorola s2 mobile arm is now owned and run by Lenovo, and a possible timeframe for the launch of the next Moto handset could have been revealed3 at the launch of the Lenovo Zuk Z2. The latest update for the much-awaited Moto G4 suggests that the smartphone would be launched with a little higher budget bracket as compared to its predecessors would be placed closer to a mid-budget segment. Now that Motorola is in the hands of Lenovo, the Moto X 2015 is seen as the last of the Google-acquired model. However, they did not make public the name of the device they are releasing in June. Two new handsets from the Moto G line may be coming out in the next couple of weeks, as evidenced by the leaked photos4 circulating the internet.

While there have been numerous leaks doing rounds about a new Motorola smartphone, with many expecting a new Moto E (2016), Moto G (2016) and probably a Moto X (2016). Noted tipster Evan Blass5 has also recently posted6 a supposed Moto G (2016) in white, further cementing the rumors that the new Moto By Lenovo entry is ready to be revealed soon. But now it looks like we may have just seen the new Moto E get imported into India for some R&D testing. Leaked photos show a smooth back plate that comes in a variety of colours, with the same rounded edges and corners as previous Moto G handsets. This is not a surprise since the company has already confirmed that all Moto-branded devices will come with a fingerprint scanner this year.

Lenovo is expected to bring out two variants of the Moto G fourth generation: a regular Moto G4 and a larger Moto G4 Plus.

The second model, dubbed Moto G4 Plus, will be bigger in size.

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