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AT&T introduces a $10 day pass for international roaming

While T-Mobile customers have been able to roam in over 100 countries for free since 2013[1], AT&T users have been stuck with the ripoff known as AT&T Passport[2], which starts at £40 a month for just 200 MB of data. Today, the company is introducing a £10 day pass[3] for international roaming, which might help to reduce costs for the occasional traveler.

The £10 international day pass essentially unlocks the ability to use your domestic plan abroad for a 24-hour period — so if you have an unlimited texting and calling plan, you’ll be able to use it internationally without getting charged per message or call minute. Whatever data you use will also come off your current domestic plan.

The company does warn, however, that if your usage abroad exceeds 50 percent of the plan for two consecutive months, day pass privileges may be revoked.

The pass is also sold per device, so members in a family plan will each need to buy separate passes and watch for the collective data consumption.

For travelers passing through countries on a short trip or long layovers, the day pass might be worth the trouble.

But £10 a day does add up pretty quick, so AT&T customers might still find it more economical to opt for the cheapest Passport plan and do their best to use Wi-Fi whenever possible — or invest in an unlocked phone.

AT&T International Day Pass[4] will be available starting on January 22nd.


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