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Acelane Water Resistant Lightweight Camping Dome Tent Playhouses with Campfire Play Set for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Acelane Water Resistant Lightweight Camping Dome Tent Playhouses with Campfire Play Set for Indoor and Outdoor Use
Why should we have a play tent?
Many of us adults know that it’s great to hike our own, so you will enjoy camping in their own camp as well. And this camping tent is designed for you, built with skin friendly fabrics, has a quick and easy set up and take down dome design, paired with an interesting camping play set for you and a round window to make it attachable to other tunnel tents into a tent city and provides more fun, as well as cultivating their camping interest. This tent isn’t commonly used in the outdoors, it’s built to enhance the sense of safety and add extra joy for you.

This tent use sturdy and easy-to-clean materials to make it more durable and to provide additional high quality and value for you.

Material: Polyester, Plastic
Tent Dimension: 130* 130 * 90 cm (L*W*H) / 51” * 51” *35” (L*W*H)
Product weight: 900 g / 31.7 oz
For 1 to 2 peoples, 3+ years old
Package size: 61* 31 * 8 cm (L*W*H) / 24” * 12” * 3” (L*W*H)
Package Weight: 1070 g / 38 oz

What’s in the box?
1 Tent
Fire pit
2 Roasting Sticks
2 Plastic Hot Dogs
2 Marshmallows

Risk-Free Warranty
18 months from the date of purchase

  • WATER RESISTANT: durable and washable polyester rain flap, paired with a waterproof PE floor and provides a sun shelter.
  • A ROUND WINDOW to provide ventilation and enable this tent to connect to a normal tunnel, and be connected to a tent city.
  • SPACIOUS and SKIN FRIENDLY: provides a large interior room for you playing inside, paired with skin-friendly tent walls and ground to provide you with extra fun and recreational value.
  • EASY and QUICK SET UP: put its two poles through the pole sleeves and their ends to the polyester holding pockets and erect this tent in three minutes. CAMPFIRE PITS: comes with campfire pits play set, including fire pit, two roasting sticks, two hot dogs and two marshmallows. All these camping toys will provide hours of fun per day for you.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and PORTABLE: a light-weight (900 g, 31.7 oz) and durable plastic frame makes this tent pretty sturdy and is paired with a box to store all the stuff inside, including tent accessories and the entire camping play set to make it pretty portable.

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