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Forest Garden 8×6 Apex Security Shiplap Garden Shed – Dip Treated – Cheap

Forest Garden 8x6 Apex Security Shiplap Garden Shed - Dip Treated

Overall size (cm)

217 x 189 x 240

Footprint (cm)

189 x 240

Eaves Height (mm)


Construction Material

12mm Shiplap


Polycarbonate glazing

No. of windows

2 Fixed



Door Security

Plate Hasp & Staple

Door opening size (cm)

69.3 x 164

Floor construction


Roof construction


Roof covering

Green Mineral Felt


Dip Treated


28 x 28mm


10 Year anti-rot

  • 8×6 Shiplap Tongue and Groove Apex Shed with Onduline Roof from Forest
  • High quality shiplap tongue and groove construction with watertight interlocking smooth planed boards
  • Robust and stable pressure treated solid timber boarded floor
  • Windows glazed with unbreakable polycarbonate
  • Secure hidden door hinges with a plate hasp and staple latch

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2 Responses to Forest Garden 8×6 Apex Security Shiplap Garden Shed – Dip Treated – Cheap

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    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Forest Garden 6×4 Shiplap Apex Garden Shed – Dip Treated (Garden & Outdoors)

    After initial problems over incorrect tracking information resulting in my order being cancelled I was able to contact amazon and the supplier and the shed kit arrived on the day promised.
    This is a reasonable shed which you will find on sale in various garden centres. The construction manual was adequate and I used all the specified screws etc. as detailed. In order to comply with the guarantee terms you must treat all timber parts of the shed before assembly.
    My only criticism is that the hasp and staple supplied is simply not man enough for the job and could be broken very easily as I discovered to my cost. The company could have spent another £5 on a better one without seriously effecting the price. No timber shed of this kind will deter a really seriously minded thief but security is adequate to deter an opportunist burglar.

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    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Forest Garden 10×8 Apex Shiplap Garden Shed – Dip Treated (Garden & Outdoors)

    This is an excellent value, solidly constructed shed.
    I put it up on my own in about 4 hours.
    Very pleased with the result.
    Came with all the screws and base etc
    My recommendation is just buy a box of decent 60mm screws and have a power screw driver and it’s up easily without wasting time worrying if you have used the right screws supplied.

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