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Five top tips for buying a TV on Black Friday

TVs are big sellers on Black Friday, with prices slashed on everything from budget to high-end sets. You need to act fast to get the best deals, because when the price drops the stock goes quickly. But a TV is a high-value item, and one you’d expect to last for years.

How can you be sure you’ll be pleased with your purchase? For every discounted Best Buy TV with stunning picture quality and stellar sound, there’s a Don’t Buy that makes high definition look bog-standard. We’ve put together five tips that will help you pin down the TV that’s right for you.

We’ve also listed some of the most popular deals we’ve found, so you can find out whether they’re worth snapping up. Best Buy TVs[1] – see the TVs deserving of our top accolade and get a head start this Black Friday

1. Work out what size TV you need

The first thing you need to do when shopping for a new TV is work out what size, at least roughly, will fit well in your home.

It’s all well and good getting a great deal on a 65-inch set, but if you’re going to be sat 5 feet away from it, you won’t be getting the optimal viewing experience. You should be able to take in the entire screen, but if it’s too close then you’ll miss the action happening on the periphery. You shouldn’t buy a TV that’s too small, either, unless you like squinting at a 32-inch set that’s sat 14 feet away.

There is a sweet spot, but generally there’s a fair bit of flexibility based on individual taste. Plus if you’re watching 4K content, you’re likely to be able to get away with sitting closer to a big-screen TV. Our guide on what size TV to buy[2] will show you exactly what size you need to suit your room.


Stick with the brands you know

Or the ones you’ve researched beforehand. For every Samsung there’s a Blaupunkt, and for every LG there’s a Polaroid – these unfamiliar brands are often heavily discounted on Black Friday. They typically have specs to match the big names, and often prices that severely undercut them.

But just because the screens are 4K with HDR, doesn’t mean they will look as good as the established competition. In fact, we’ve found two clear leaders in the TV market through our in-depth tests. Samsung and LG are leagues ahead of the others – in 2017 they had 24 Best Buy models between them, compared with just three for Sony, Philips and Panasonic combined.

And if you thought Samsung was still the clear choice, think again. The graph below shows average test scores from our labs over the past four years and, as you can see, LG is well and truly on the up. For more, read our guide to Samsung vs LG TVs[3].


Shop around – are the most popular deals the best TVs?

Is a popular deal a sign of a good product, or more of a poisoned chalice? Some stores, including Currys and Argos, show you how many people have viewed a specific product and, in some cases, how many have already sold. If you see that 30,000 people have viewed one TV while only 1,000 have viewed another, you’d think it would be a good indication that one TV is a better deal, or at least more desirable.

But a cheap TV doesn’t mean it’s a good one. These are the most popular deals TV deals on Currys website.

  • LG 43UJ634V – this 43-inch set from LG has been viewed a whopping 29,000 times in the last few days. It has the latest 4K screen technology and Freeview Play.[4] That may sound impressive, but it’s not enough to recommend a TV.

    4K and HDR are not indications of quality – we’ve tested sets that look excellent on paper, but are a big letdown once you start watching them. Does this LG disappoint? You can head to our LG 43UJ634V review[5] to see if it’s popularity is deserved.

  • LG 55UJ701V – outside of LG’s OLED range, the 55UJ701V is one of its more premium sets.

    It has the latest 4K HDR screen technology, Freeview Play, and twin TV tuners utilising Freesat HD and Freeview HD. A big, beautiful TV should be a slam dunk in our testing, but even an established, popular brand like LG isn’t a guarantee of quality. Find out whether the TV can live up to its spec sheet in our LG 55UJ701V review[6].

  • Samsung UE55MU6470 – it’s not a top-of-the-line Samsung set, but it’s still 4K and HDR.

    This means you can watch TV and films in the best resolution available, unless you’re lucky enough to have a ludicrously priced 8K set. It’s not part of the flagship range, but you still get the spartan and slick Samsung One Remote, as well as a traditional one if you prefer the old-fashioned style. Does this TV make the best of its impressive screen technology?

    Read our Samsung UE55MU6470 review[7] to find out.

  • LG OLED55C7V – OLED displays offer incredible picture quality. The 55C7V is one of LG’s 2017 OLED range, and is at the cutting edge of what TVs panels are capable of – at least until we see next year’s batch at CES 2018. It’s not cheap, though.

    Even with Currys’ GBP1,000 reduction, you’ll still be paying GBP1,499. Is it worth the eye-watering price? See the LG OLED55C7V review[8] for our expert verdict.

  • Samsung UE49MU6220 – this mid-priced curved set from Samsung is also garnering a lot of attention.

    It’s not on offer yet, but other models in the range are, which is a good indicator that the price on this set will drop soon. Is this 4K HDR set worth your money, though? Read our review to see if the Samsung UE49MU6220[9] is one to watch.


4K or not 4K

While full-HD programming still rules the roost, the amount of 4K content is increasing all the time. Most newer TVs are 4K-ready, but big names, including Samsung, still have 1080p sets on offer[10]. These are likely to be very cheap, but is it time to cut the cord and make the leap to 4K?

We’d say yes, particularly if you’re subscribed to Netflix or Amazon Video, both of which have a wealth of 4K content. The price of 4K sets has come down massively in the past few years, too, as have 4K Blu-ray players[11], so you can really make the most of your new 4K TV. Plus there’s always the chance you’ll find some offers on 4K TVs and Blu-rays bought as a package this Black Friday.

Looking to make the leap to 4K? Read our guide to 4K TV[12].

5. Don’t always trust huge reductions

It’s easy to get blinded by reductions and savings on Black Friday.

TVs with GBP1,000 price drops look like the bargain of the century, but if the price was hiked before the sale, then that enormous reduction may just be bringing it inline with the price offered by other retailers. Shop around and look at prices on other websites before you pull the trigger. You can use Which? reviews to see the price difference over time, so you can see whether the Black Friday price is a good saving, if it’s been cheaper in the past, or if we think it will get cheaper in the future.

Use Which?

Price Predictor[13] to find out if deals are really as good as they seem.


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