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Which? reveals the best vs worst AA disposable batteries

Our tough battery tests have discovered that the best AA batteries last more than two and a half hours longer than the worst in your most power-sapping devices. And up to seven hours longer in devices like games consoles. Our latest tests included AA batteries from 15 different brands including Duracell, Energizer, and Panasonic, as well as own-brands from the likes of Aldi, Amazon, Asda, Lidl, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and more.

We know that Which? members use batteries in a range of different devices, so we test batteries in three different scenarios to identify which batteries last the longest in your devices. We’ve also discovered that price is no indicator of quality – we’ve discovered bargain Best Buys, as well as expensive Don’t Buys. Best Buy batteries[1] – check to see which AA and AAA batteries make the grade


AA disposable battery reviews

Our tough lab tests revealed a big difference between the best batteries and the worst.

Put a set of one of our Best Buy AA disposable batteries in your most power-hungry devices, such as a camera or torch, and they will last nearly two and a half hours longer than the worst. Put them in a medium-drain device, like a games console, and you’ll get nearly seven extra hours. It’s important that you choose the right battery for your device.

As our graph above shows, Best Buy 1 is great in higher-powered devices, but you wouldn’t want to waste it in a low-drain device, like a clock, as it doesn’t last as long as its rivals. Want to see detailed results of our tests so you can buy the best battery for your needs? See our full table at best AA batteries[2].

Don’t forget to recycle your batteries

Which? members are pretty good at recycling batteries, our latest survey found.

Some 65% of you always recycle your disposable batteries, and a further 11% do so often. However, 9% rarely recycle batteries and 7% said they never do so. Batteries chucked in the bin can end up in a landfill, where the chemicals they contain could leak into the ground.

No one needs to find recycling a chore, and the good news is that recycling your batteries has never been easier. Aldi, Asda, Lidl, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose all have collection points in their stores – ask if you can’t immediately see them. Any retailer selling more than a pack of AA batteries per day (over 32kg of batteries sold per year) has to have a collection point (the rules are different for car and industrial batteries).

Your council website should also list your local household waste recycling centres. Many town halls, libraries, schools and charities will take them too.

AA batteries on test

The full list of tested batteries is below – click product names to read our reviews: Need to buy AAA batteries?

Discover the best AAA batteries[3].


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Duracell MN1500 Plus Power AA Size Batteries–Pack of 24 – Price Drop

  • Pack of 24 AA size Plus Power alkaline batteries by Duracell
  • High energy output, reliability and long shelf life
  • Duracell Plus Power now has longer life compared to previous Duracell Plus batteries
  • Ideal for everyday use, particularly low drain devices
  • Perfect for use in items like clocks and remote controls


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1 x AA Size Battery Pill Box

  • Looks / Weighs and feels just like a standard AA battery.
  • Twist the bottom and it opens to reveal a storage compartment.
  • Inside diameter 8.5mm
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Looks / Weighs and feels just like a standard AA battery. Twist the bottom and it opens to reveal a storage compartment. Inside diameter 8.5mm

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