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Klarstein Baremboin Cooker Hood Exhaust Hood (90 cm, 637m³/h extraction rate, 3 power levels, low operating noise, recirculation mode, energy efficiency class E) – silver – Offer

Ergonomic extractor hood with energy rating D, three performance levels and up to637 m³ / h air extraction rate.

Elegant front with massive aluminium frame. 

Ideal for medium to large kitchen areas.

The Barenboim cooker hood from Klarstein is an attractive addition to small andmedium-sized kitchens. It attracts odours and fumes, thus ensuring a good indoorclimate even during prolonged periods of cooking. In the interior, a dishwasher-safealuminium grease filter protects the exhaust air channel against impurities. Thisensures a long operational life for the cooker hood.

Depending on your requirements, the intensity of the suction force may be customised:the Barenboim hood is prepared with three power levels for different applicationscenarios. The practical lights, which are housed in the base, also offer assistanceunder dim lighting conditions: pots, pans and their contents may be well-lit ay anytime.

The classic design and elegant appearance make the device an attractive addition toyour kitchen. The 90 cm-wide Klarstein cooker hood is attached over the cookingsurface. A corresponding wall bracket is included with delivery.

  • The Klarstein Bareboin cooker hood measures 90 cm in width and removes kitchen odours and fumes, ensuring well regulated air filtration, even during prolonged periods of cooking. This cooker hood is ideal for medium to large-sized kitchen areas.
  • The intensity of the suction can be adjusted by three separate power settings – the highest extracting up to 637m³ air per hour. Furthermore practical halogen lights are housed in the base to offer assistance at any time.
  • Regardless of ducted ventilation or recirculation mode – both the volume and power consumption during operation are kept within limits and the noise level never exceeds 57 dB.
  • In addition, two dishwasher-safe aluminium grease filters protect the exhaust air channel and the interior against impurities. This ensures easy cleaning and a long life span for this Klarstein cooker hood.
  • The Klarstein cooker hood should be mounted over the cooking surface. A corresponding wall bracket for mounting is included with delivery. The classic design and elegant appearance make the device an attractive addition to your kitchen.

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Klarstein Cuboo Extractor Cooker Hood Exhaust Hood (340m³/h, 3 power levels, box-shaped, wall mounted, low operating noise of 60 dB, 2 x 1.5W LED lamps) – white – Reduced

Elegant extractor hood in a box shape – fits perfectly in kitchinettes.

Eliminates kitchen exhaust thanks to 3 power levels of up to 340 m³/h extractionrate.

Two built-in, powerful, energy-saving LED work lamps.

Square without limits. This is the Klarstein Cuboo  extractor hood. It enriches yourkitchen with not only a faithful helper in the removal of steam and food odors butalso with a luxurious eyecatcher.

The Klarstein  Cuboo extractor hood  operates at 3 power levels with an extractionrate up to 340 m³/h – perfect for gentle simmering with little steam to intensecooking for Sunday dinner. It is easily controlled by 4 keys located to the front.The two 1.5W LED switchable work lights illuminates the pots and pans from the topand grants enlightening insights to onlookers. The especially practical box shape ofthe Klarstein Cuboo extractor hood fits perfectly in any kitchenette and its design.

No stop gap. The Klarstein Cuboo extractor hood adds to a kitchen’s elegance andkeeps it free of steam and food odors.

Top Features:

• Box-shaped hood with a white front• Perfect fit for gap closure in kitchenettes above the stove• Maximum extraction power: 340 m³/h• Easy control via four buttons• Low operating noise of 60 dB at the highest performance level


• Three power levels: low, medium, high• Switchable cooking top lighting: 2 x 1.5 W LED• Suitable for wall mounting: brackets included• Built-in dishwasher-safe aluminium grease filters• Extendable exhaust hose trim in brushed stainless steel• Flexible, extendable exhaust hose; maximum length of 200 cm• Minimum height of the hood above the cooking surface: 65cm• Not suitable for outdoor or ceiling-mounting• Power supply: 220-240 V~ / 50-60 Hz

  • The Klarstein Cuboo is an elegant extractor hood in a box shape which eliminates kitchen odours and fits perfectly in kitchinettes above the stove.
  • The extractor hood operates at 3 speed settings with an extraction rate up to 340 m³/h which is controlled by 4 buttons located to the front. In addition, 2 switchable 1.5W LED work lights illuminate the cooking surface from the top.
  • Another fantastic feature of this device is the low operating noise: even while operation on the highest speed setting, the noise level never exceeds 60dB.
  • The cooker hood is suitable for wall mounting and the brackets needed for installation are included.
  • The Klarstein Cuboo extractor hood enriches your kitchen as not only a faithful helper in the removal of steam and food odours, but also with as a stunning eyecatcher.

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Klarstein TR60WS Mounted Cooker Hood Recirculating Hood (60cm, 310m3/h Extraction Capacity, 3 Power Levels, Exhaust Air Mode, Air Cleaner, Stainless Steel Body) – silver – Bonus Price

Extraction cooker hood with three power levels and stainless steel housing.Ideal forsmall to medium sized kitchens.

Energy efficiency class E

The KlarsteinTR60WS Filter 2 Extractor Cooker Hood purifies the air from food odorsin small to medium sized kitchens. For different levels of cooking activity, theexhaust hood can operate at three different performance levels. The highestperformance level transports 310 cubic metres of air per hour from the kitchen, andwith an extra large intake can even keep up with the cooking fumes from severalcourses. Power consumption and noise level are kept to a low limit.With its width of 60 cm, the hood fits perfectly over standard sized cookingsurfaces. This Klarstein device can be either freely mounted on a wall or installedunder a kitchen cabinet with the enclosed wall mounting bracket. With a case ofbrushed stainless steel and a flue duct, this cooker hood fits perfectly into mostmodern kitchen environments.Even in dim lighting conditions, you may want to see what’s cooking on the stove. Forthese situations, the exhaust hood’s two selectable 40W lights can be used toilluminate the cooking area below.To protect the inside of the hood and the exhaust air duct from contamination, theKlarstein TR60WS has two interchangeable and dishwasher-safe metal grease filters.Measurements: 60 x 58cm to 86 x 4cm Measurements Chimney: 22,2 x 40cm to 78 x 17,2cm (WxHxD)

Top Features:

• 60cm mounted cooker hood with air extraction• Maximum extraction capacity up to 310m ³ / h• Stainless steel case and flue duct• Suitable for wall mounting


• 2 removable and dishwasher-safe grease filter aluminum• Switch for air starch (0, 1, 2, 3)• 2 x 40W bulbs• ENKV-Labels• Power supply: 220-240V, 50Hz• Energy efficiency class E


• 1 x device• 2 x grease filters

  • The Klarstein TR90WS is a 60cm-mounted extractor fan equipped with an exhaust air mode and maximum extraction capacity up to 310m³/h. The extractor comes with stainless steel body and flue duct.
  • The cooker hood provides air circulation for medium to large kitchens oozing with food odour. It can be set to three different circulation levels and due to its extra-large intake, it is ready to tackle the haze left after several courses.
  • The device comes with 2 removable, dishwasher-safe aluminium grease filters and 2 x 40W interchangeable bulbs.
  • With its 60cm width, the extractor fan fits easily over the most cooking surfaces. This cooker hood from Klarstein is designed for hanging above a hob and the required mounting bracket is included.
  • Boasting a brushed stainless steel casing and flue duct, the Klarstein TR90 WS extractor fits perfectly into most modern kitchen environments.

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