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T-MIX Air Fryer Accessories for Gowise, Set of 5 Baking Set, Fit all 3.7QT – 5.3QT – 5.8QT – Special

Air Fryers (5.8qt). Each accessory pairs especially well with all Cozyna, Philips, Gowise and Power Air Fryers.

Packing List and Size: 1 x Cake Barrel 17.8*7.4cm / 7in diameter 1 x Pizza Pan 17.8*2.5cm / 7in diameter 1 x Silicone Mat 17.8*0.7cm / 7in diameter 1 x Metal Holder 17*4.8cm / 6.7in diameter 1 x Skewers Rack 17*16.6*6.8 / 6.7in diameter 1 x Free Silicone Pancake Mould.

Cake Barrel:You can bake your favorite cake, bread or quiche Pizza Pan:You can use it to make pancakes, eggs, potatoes, or even giant cookies! Metal Holder:maximize your cooking surface and add more space for cooking food on the metal Holder. Multi-Purpose Rack with Skewers:Maximizes your cooking space and perfect for vegetable and meat shish kabobs. Silicone Mat:Provides you with a heat-resistant surface to place your hot accessories on and won’t damage your Furniture surface. Cleaning instructions:

After the use of the temperature should be slightly reduced, and then wash with water. Can not immediately with cold water cleaning, the stubborn stain, you may use hot water plus detergent, sponge cleaning, do not use rough emery cloth or metal ball vigorously wash

  • 5 PIECE AIRFRYER ACCESSORY PACK – Includes 1 x Non-Stick Baking Pan, 1 x Non-Stick Fryer Pan, 1 x Metal Holder, 1 x Multi-Purpose Rack with Skewers, 1 x Silicone Mat.
  • 100% COMPATIBLE WITH PHILIPS AIR FRYER AND MORE – This universal Air Fryer Accessory set fits all standard Air Fryers (3.7qt) to XL Air Fryers (5.8qt). Each accessory pairs especially well with all Cozyna, Philips, Gowise and Power Air Fryers.
  • BUILD YOUR COOKING INTERESTS – With this Tools, you can bake cake in the Cake Barrel, cook pizza in the Pizza Pan, maximize your cooking surface with the Metal Holder and make skewers with the Rack! prevent the heat pan from damaging your Furniture surfaces with the Silicone Mat!
  • EASY TO CLEAN AIR FRYER ACCESSORIES – All accessories are dishwasher safe for each cleaning, easy and hassle-free clean up.
  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICES – Each product has been strict quality testing, has the most professional after-sales service, you can contact us at any time

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(Set of 5) Universal Air Fryer Cooking Accessories Kits for All 3L and Above Phillips Gowise and Cozyna, SCake Barrel, Pizza Pan, Silicone Mat, Holder, Skewer, Fit all over 3.0L Capacity – Limited Offer

Product Features:❤ ☛1.WEIGHT: 1.1kg. ☛2.Metal holder: 17*4.8cm. ☛3.MATERIAL: Iron + silica gel. ☛4.SIZE: Cake barrel: 17.8*7.4cm; Pizza pan: 17.8*2.5cm; Multi-purpose rack with skewers: 18*18*7cm; Silicone mat: 17.8*0.7cm. ☛5.APPLICABLE MODEL: For over 3.0L capacity of the air fryer. ❤Air Fryer Accessory Set Includes:❤ ❈1 x cake barrel, 1 x pizza pan, 1 x metal holder, 1 x double layer rack with skewers, 1 x heat-resistant silicone mat. ☛1.Cake Barrel: 7 inch diameter, bake your favorite cake, bread or quiche ☛2.Pizza Pan: 7 inch diameter, make delicious pizza, pancake, egg and potato. ☛3.Metal Holder: 6.7 inch diameter, add more space for your cooking, cook multiple foods at once. ☛4.Double Layer Rack with Skewers: 7 inch diameter, maximize your cooking space, and perfect for vegetable or meat. ☛5.Silicone Mat: 7 inch diameter, provide you with a heat-resistant surface to place your hot accessories on. ❤Package include:❤ ☛1 x Cake Barrel. ☛1 x Pizza Pan. ☛1 x Metal Holder. ☛1 x Double Layer Rack with Skewers. ☛1 x Silicone Mat. ❤WARNING:❤ Do not touch the accessories until they have completely cooled! Package include:

  • ❤ MATERIAL:Iron + silica gel,anti-sticking coating. SIZE: Cake barrel:17.8*7.4cm; Pizza pan:17.8*2.5cm; Multi-purpose rack with skewers (gridiron):18*18*7cm; Silicone mat:17.8*0.7cm; Metal holder: 17*4.8cm
  • ❤100% UNIVERSAL COMPATIBLE Fits All Standard Air Fryers.
  • ❤EASY TO CLEAN AIR FRYER ACCESSORIES – You’d better not put the cake barrel and pizza pan into dishwasher due to their coated non-stick material. The rest accessories are dishwasher safe for each cleaning.
  • ❤COMPLETE YOUR BAKING & COOKING EXPERIENCE – If you love your Air Fryer now, imagine what culinary masterpieces you can make with this 5-piece accessory pack! Maximize your air fryers cooking surface and create your own delicious recipes with this 5 air-fryer accessory set.
  • ❤EXPAND YOUR BAKING KNOWLEDGE with the baking pan, FRY DELICIOUS foods with the frying pan, TRY MORE in one go with the dual layer rack. Most importantly, protect your household surfaces with the Silicone Mat!

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VonShef Low Fat Digital Air Fryer for Healthier Oil Free Frying, 2.2L – Black – Price Special

VonShef Digital Air Fryer

Enjoy the great taste of fried food without worrying about your waistline with the VonShef Digital Air Fryer.

Sound too good to be true?

It really isn’t, as this innovative kitchen appliance lets you whip up all your favourite recipes using just a little, or no oil at all, using up to 80% less fat and less calories than a conventional fryer. No lingering deep fried fat smells around the kitchen either; what’s not to love?!

‘Forbidden’ foods previously off the menu can make a welcome re-appearance; fries, fried chicken, burgers, steak, spring rolls, sausage rolls, cakes – the list goes on! Thanks to its superb versatility, the VonShef Air Fryer will come in handy for meals throughout the day, whether you’re frying, grilling, baking, roasting or just reheating.

How does it work?

The Digital Air Fryer comes equipped with an advanced rapid air circulation system which cooks by circulating hot air around food at high speed. Because cooking is speedier, you’ll be using less energy – so you’ll be doing your bit for the environment and your electricity bill too.

Comes with a range of fantastic features including 0 – 60 minute timer and 150 – 200°C pre-set temperature range.

Easy to use

Easy to use with clear LCD display screen. Simply set the temperature, time and away you go! Illuminating call indicator feature lets you know when cooking is complete.

Generous 2.2L capacity frying basket with non-stick coating holds up to 800g food – great for feeding one, or many mouths.

Sleek design in black measures in at 34 x 34 x 28cm approx. and comes with a cool touch handle and non-slip feet. Cooking basket and basket divider are dishwasher safe.

Great gift idea for foodies and the health conscious.

Includes instruction manual with recommended cooking times for a variety of ingredients.

  • Fried food never tasted so healthy! Uses up to 80% less fat than conventional frying. Also bakes, grills, roasts and reheats. Great for cooking a variety of foods including fries, potatoes, fried chicken, burgers, steak, spring rolls, sausage rolls, cakes & much more
  • Equipped with innovative rapid air circulation system which cooks food faster using little or no oil, so you consume less fat and calories whilst also using less energy
  • Features 0-60 minute timer, 150-200°C pre-set temperature range and clear digital display screen
  • Generous 2.2L capacity non-stick basket with 800g food capacity. Sleek black design with cool touch handle and non-slip feet – dishwasher safe cooking basket and basket divider
  • Manufacturer 2 Year Warranty Included

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