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Lottie Doll Muddy Puddles – Limited Price

You can be anything with Lottie dolls! When it’s raining outside, Lottie is quick to pull on her raincoat and boots and go on a muddy adventure. Walking through Branksea’s Daffodil Fields, Lottie spots a family of ducks swimming in a murky mud puddle. She loves the sound of the squelch of her boots in the mud, and it is great fun to find the deepest, muddiest puddle and jump up and down in it. Lottie also likes puddle jumping with her friends and having a competition to see who can make the biggest splash. A great gift for ages three and up. What’s in the box? Yellow hooded raincoat with blue striped lining Rain boots A long sleeved t-shirt Corduroy shorts Striped leggings

  • Lottie is a ‘pro girl’ age-appropriate doll, doing all the activities that real children do.
  • Lottie is 7.5 inches (18cm) tall, so is very portable and easy for little hands to carry around
  • Lottie has a ‘childlike’ body – she doesn’t wear makeup, jewellery or high heels and she can stand on her own two feet (always a useful life skill for all girls, big and small)
  • Lottie’s clothing is composed of tactile fabrics with lots of attention to detail, easy to dress and undress, with velcro fastenings.
  • Since her launch, Lottie has won 19 international awards, including 5 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Awards

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Shopkins Cotton Candy Party Playset – Bargain

You’re invited party with the Shopkins! when: now where: all over Shopville! Shopkins are super cute, fun, small characters that live in a big party world! over 100 different Shopkins brought to life per series as the cutest collectible characters can be found inside pretty gift boxes, party lanterns and on display creating the perfect party scenes! look out for the special finish ultra-rare characters! collect all the playsets which have movable and interactive features. Enjoy a Shopkins Candy party with the Shopkins ‘cotton Candy’ playset. There are lots of ways to play, store and display all your little Shopkins in this very cute playset, which includes storage areas, movable parts, 2 exclusive Shopkins characters and 4 mini Shopkins characters. Suitable for ages 5 and above. Contents: playset, 2 exclusive characters, 4 mini characters and a collectors guide.

  • Enjoy a cotton candy party with the Shopkins!
  • Cotton candy playset with themed accessories.
  • Includes 2 exclusive Shopkins characters 4 mini characters.
  • Display and store your Shopkins in the themed playset.
  • Features themed interactive features.

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