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Reliability issues block washing machine Best Buy

28 November 2015

Reliability Issues Block Washing Machine Best Buy

Brand reliability helps determine whether a washing machine becomes a Best Buy

A washing machine that aced our performance tests has not been awarded a Best Buy due to reliability worries, new Which? research can reveal.

One of the 12 new washing machines recently tested by Which? was head-and-shoulders above the rest, scoring 73% in our rigorous lab tests, enough to secure coveted Best Buy status. But this company’s washing machines scored a below average two stars for reliability and that means we can’t name it a Best Buy. Looking for a washing machine that performs above par on performance and reliability? Check out our Best Buy washing machine reviews1.

Reliability and Best Buys

For products tested by Which? to become Best Buys they need to prove to be outstanding in our Which? Test Lab and come from a brand with a proven track record for reliability. The 73%-scoring washing machine did a great job of washing, rinsing and spinning clothes in our tests. But because the brand is poor for reliability, it can’t join the ranks of more than 40 Best Buy washing machines. We only allow brands with a poor reliability record to become Best Buys if their products come with a market leading five-year warranty in order to protect you. Discover the most reliable washing machine brands2.

Smart washing machines and top loaders

The recent Which? washing machine test included the Hoover DWTL49AIW3 smart washing machine. You can turn this one on via an app on your smart phone, handy if you load the machine but then forget to turn it on.

We’ve also just tested the top-loading Hotpoint WMTF722H. Top-loaders won’t be for you if your washing machine lives in a fitted-kitchen under a work surface, but they are an option if your washing machine is in a utility room or a garage. Reviews of both washing machines and ten new conventional front-loaders are on the site.

Washing machines on test

Want to find out which of the washing machine brands we’ve just tested lost out on a Best Buy because of reliability? Follow the links below to our washing machine reviews. There you’ll also find out how the Hoover smart washing machine and Hotpoint top-loader scored.

AEG L69480VFL3 329
Beko WMB61432W4 239
Beko WMB81243LW5 239
Beko WY74242W6 249
Hotpoint BHWM1497 365
Hotpoint RPD10477DD8 530
Hotpoint RPD8457J9 329
Hotpoint WMTF722H10 379
Hoover DWTL49AIW311 499
Indesit XWD71452W12 249
John Lewis JLWM120613 269
Whirlpool FSCR9041014 569

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Buy an LG G4 from Sprint and get a free 24-inch LG HD TV

LG and Sprint are teaming up to offer a promotion that just might kill two birds with one stone. If you need a new phone and a new television, this deal is right up your alley. Purchase or lease an LG G41 from Sprint, and you will receive a 24-inch LG HD TV. The directions are pretty much straightforward.

Buy or lease the phone no later than November 30th. You can purchase the LG G4 for a new line, or by using an available upgrade. Register your purchase by December 14th at Within three weeks after registration, your new television will be on the way to you. Sprint also has a 50% off deal on the Samsung Galaxy S62. Activate a new line, and you can lease the Galaxy S6 for $0 down and $9 a month.

And you will also receive a year of Amazon Prime for free. That alone is a $99 savings. If you already are a Prime subscriber, you will receive a one-year extension for free. Speaking of 50% off, Sprint recently launched a new plan for AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile customers who switch to the nation’s fourth largest carrier. Switch to Sprint, and your new plan will cost you half of what you are paying now with one of those other mobile operators.

Your new pricing will be valid through January 2018.3

Thanks for the tip, Suzy!

source: Sprint


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Fabric conditioner: what does yours smell of?

23 November 2015

Fabric Conditioner: What Does Yours Smell Of?

Fabric conditioners can smell of different things, from ‘lightly floral’ to ‘musky and dank’

From ‘freshness and daises’ to an ‘unhealthy burp’, our blind sniff test of fabric conditioners revealed that what people think fabric conditioners smell of doesn’t always match the label.

While we were rigorously testing fabric conditioners in our lab to find out which will make your laundry the softest, we also wanted to have a bit of fun at Which? HQ. With the fabric conditioner bottles hidden, we asked our researchers to say what they thought each fabric conditioner smelt of. We were surprised by the range of comments from overpowering chemical assault , cheap aftershave and cough medicine , to more pleasant bubble bath , sweet berry and marzipan .

Find out which fabric conditioner came top in our lab tests, go to our fabric conditioner review.1

Fabric conditioners

For both our lab test and our office sniff test, we looked at big brands Comfort, Lenor, Ecover and Fairy, plus supermarket own-brands from Aldi, Asda, Lidl, Morrisons, Tesco and Waitrose. In our sniff test, we were amazed by the differences between people’s opinions. Not only between the brands, but also for individual fabric conditioners. For example, one fabric condition’s smell was likened to ‘fruit, herbs, fresh’, while someone else called the same conditioner ‘really disgusting, like smelly feet.’

‘Really disgusting, like smelly feet.’

Because people s preference and interpretation of smell varies so widely, when we tested fabric conditioner in the lab we scored strength of smell – not whether it was nice. We rated it in the bottle, then on both wet and dry laundry, and then after seven days.

All of the conditioners smelt stronger in the bottle. So if you like the smell of a conditioner, you’ll need to look for the ones that scored three or more stars for strength of smell and long-lasting smell in our Which? test. You can see which ones scored higher by clicking to see our full fabric conditioner results2.

Fabric conditioner softness

A lot of manufacturers make bold claims about how soft a fabric conditioner will make your clothes. In our lab test, we got 20 assessors to judge the washing after one wash and then again after five washes. They graded each result on a five-point scale – from no softness at all, to very soft. This was the most important factor when scoring the conditioners overall – 60% of the score was attributed to softness, compared to 25% for strength of smell and 15% for long-lasting smell. There were big differences between the top scoring fabric conditioner (74%) and the fabric conditioner that came last in our test (48%).

To see which two fabric conditioners made the grade to become Best Buys, and to see our laundry experts’ top tips on how to make your washing soft, visit our Best Buy fabric conditioners3.

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Samsung launches Galaxy J3(6) in China

Pepsi P1 budget smartphone with fingerprint sensor launched

Nvidia launches Shield Tablet K1 at $199

Meizu M1 metal smartphone goes official in China

China s Macoox launches EX1 smartphone with 9,000mAh battery

Micromax Canvas Nitro 3 E352 listed online, priced at Rs 8,130

Micromax Canvas Xpress 4G vs Canvas Xpress 2

HTC launches One M9s with sapphire glass rear camera

Micromax Canvas Xpress 4G first impressions

Micromax launches Canvas Xpress 4G, priced at Rs 6,599

Apple Pay launches in Australia; mobile payment service is now in four countries

A few weeks ago, we told you that Tim Cook hinted that Apple Pay would soon launch in Canada and Australia1. On Tuesday, Apple Pay launched in Canada2, and on Thursday the mobile payment service came to Australia. The latter becomes the fourth market to offer the service after the U.S., U.K., and Canada. According to Tim Cook, we should see the service launch soon in Ireland3. Unlike other countries where multiple credit cards can work with Apple Pay, in Australia the feature is compatible only with American Express. That means that you have to be an AMEX member to use Apple Pay in the land down under.

According to a report issued by the Australian Financial Report, Apple might have a difficult time getting other banks to come on board. That’s because these financial institutions are not thrilled with the idea of giving Apple its small cut of each transaction paid for with Apple Pay. At least Apple was able to get AMEX to sign off in Australia. In China, a country that has become an important market for Apple, none of the banks will agree to give the tech titan a percentage of each sale.4

One disadvantage to only having support from American Express is that it is accepted by a smaller number of retailers than VISA.

Apple Pay might have to prove itself before other Australian banks and credit card companies feel that it is worth it to give Apple its small percentage in exchange for Apple Pay support.

source: TechRadar


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