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Zoch 601131400-Boule Cross Beach [Import germany] – Price Special

Zoch 601131400-Boule Cross Beach [Import germany]

  • Age range: 45 and up / Number of players: 1 to 6 / Play time: 6+ minutes
  • Manufacturer: Lion Rampant Imports

This take on bocce, aka lawn bowling, gives players soft, flexible balls that will be kind to materials within your house, allowing for indoor games on the stairs, at a bookcase, or wherever else you might think to throw the target ball. Throw the right way in Crossboule, and you can earn bonus points; whoever wins two sets of 13 points first wins the game.

NFA-01 Werewolf Spector (1/100 scale Plastic model kit) Kotobukiya Frame Arms [JAPAN] (japan import)

NFA-01 Werewolf Spector (1/100 scale Plastic model kit) Kotobukiya Frame Arms [JAPAN] (japan import)

  • Body size: Height: about 150mm
  • Target Gender: Boys
  • From 15-year-old: Age
  • The main production: China

Raven illusion (Spector) Genru. the new shape massive silhouette of the popular “thirty-eight formula one type žÖ (flow) thunder Rye-break” is a implement a new armed and gimmick Second Coming! Face Cover parts tall cannon and a large shield produce Add in. Aircraft color was also changed to the color ring tones and black, to renew the aircraft image. Large shield disposed changed to right shoulder is moving the weapon two that becomes the new parts interior, more flexible by the 4-axis joints of the new design, to shooting form from the defense form, it can reproduce the various situations. It is connected to the left side, 2 twin and became back Cannon is joined by movable “twist” by connecting the turret with each other by a ball joint, posing full of Keren taste even in a non-fire form has become possible. Furthermore from this product, “FA dedicated hand parts” is included. Review the parts configuration to frame Arms dedicated, it has become assembly-friendliness and the holding force new mold parts that combines the improvement of. New parts, can also be used to “žÖ-‹-breaks” of all on sale. You can also enjoy as an item in order to more deeply customize the frame Arms. (From

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