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LG G4 (T-Mobile) gets Android Marshmallow update in US How to install

LG G4 (T-Mobile) Gets Android Marshmallow Update In US How To InstallLG G4 Android Marshmallow release: World’s first non-Nexus smartphone to get Google’s new mobile updateLG Newsroom

LG has reportedly released the Android Marshmallow update to the company’s flagship G4 (T-Mobile) variant in the USA. Some T-Mobile LG G4 (H811) owners on social media platform Reddit1 have confirmed that they received the Android 6.0 update notification. The firmware is now available via OTA (Over-The-Air) and also through LG Bridge (PC Suite) for people who want to install the firmware on their device manually. Manual installation requires some technical knowledge. So we urge users to install the update through OTA, by following this simple procedure shown below.

Go to Settings >> About Phone >> System updates> check for updates

If you get the update notification, opt “download now” and once the downloading is finished, select “install now” option. It will take a few minutes for the device to complete the installation and re-boot. Note: Make sure to use Wi-Fi for downloading update for uninterrupted installation experience

Since the OTA process is staged in phases, it will take few days to reach all corners of the country.

If users are technically sound, then they upgrade their LG G4 to the new update by following this procedure (HERE2).

The new Android Marshmallow firmware brings Doze power saving feature, new secured verified boot system, new Google photos app, support for more international languages and new contextual assistance feature.

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Besides the Marshmallow goodies, LG has also incorporated new Knock Code security feature, advanced messaging and video calling feature to the device.


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LG G4 From T-Mobile Gets Marshmallow OTA Update

LG G4 From T-Mobile Gets Marshmallow OTA Update

Marshmallow Update Available for T-Mobile LG G4 Through LG-Bridge Desktop Software

While the South Korean company hasn’t yet pushed the OTA (over-the-air), if you own a T-Mobile LG G4 you can try to download the update via PC using LG Bridge software. As expected, the new software update is now rolling out over-the-air. If you have an LG G4 and you have been patiently waiting for the Android 6.0 Marshmallow to finally arrive for your smartphone, it looks like the wait is nearly finally over. You’ll need a computer and USB cable for that to work, though. Do take note that T-Mobile is rather late to the game here, especially since the likes of Sprint have already introduced the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for the LG G4 in 2015.

The update weighs in at a hefty 963.7MB, so you might want to connect to a speedy Wi-Fi connection before downloading it. Neither LG or T-Mobile confirmed the availability of the update, but since it shows up for many G4 owners as suggested by a Reddit thread1, then Marshmallow should be a go for LG G4 smartphones at T-Mobile. This means you should probably expect the OTA rollout to pick up some steam in the next few days, and hopefully reach all of TMo’s G4 units out there soon.

It brings improved security through the new app permissions system, better standby battery life courtesy of Doze, Google Now On Tap for contextual information about what’s currently on the screen of your phone, support for using microSD cards as default storage, automatic app data backup, improved Do Not Disturb Mode, Chrome custom tabs, and many more.

Please let us know in the comments section.


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LG G5 launch confirmed for February 21

By: Tech Desk | Updated: February 5, 2016 10:38 am1 LG G5 Launch Confirmed For February 21 At MWC, LG will try to review its fortunes with G5 flagship smartphone (Source: LG Mobile USA/Twitter)

LG is set to launch its next flagship G5 smartphone on February 21. The company has con fimed the launch from its US based twitter handle. LG will launch G5 during its Mobile World Congress2 keynote on February 21. The tweet also includes several photos of New York City with number 5 as its subject.

Video: LG G4 Review3

embedded content

If rumours are anything to be believed, the LG G5 will feature new design and even it is expected to feature an accessory slot. We haven t heard any concrete use of this slot but as we get closer to Mobile World Congress, more details might break out.

LG has been struggling with its flagship smartphones in terms of sale. The company has even resorted to launching budget smartphones to keep up with other smartphone makers. LG also added V10 to its flagship line-up in late 2015 but it has not made out of the US shores. It also revamped its 2013 Nexus 5 this year which Google4 unveiled as Nexus 5X. It seems LG has pulled down its tweet but LG G5 launch is confirmed.

LG G5 could be the last opportunity for the company to build a great Android smartphone again.

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Lenovo Posts $300 Million Net Profit for Q4 2015

After a long while out of profitability, Lenovo is back in the black for Q4 of 2015, or Q3 of their 2015 fiscal year. Total revenue found itself in decrease again, landing at $12.9 billion this year, down 8 percent from last year. Despite this, the company managed to get back into profitability after completing the restructuring that took place after buying up Motorola.

After taxes and other considerations, the gross profit for the quarter was $1.9 billion, leading to a net profit for the quarter of $300 million. This means that they met the goal they had set for going back to profitability in the mobile space within 4 to 6 quarters of sealing the deal with Motorola. Their strong PC sales, totaling $8 billion and grabbing an incredible 21.6 percent of the PC market, helped substantially in putting them back on track for the end of the year. Additionally, money-saving actions announced back in August of 2015 are on track to save Lenovo roughly $1.35 billion in 2016. 1

Chairman and CEO Yuanqing Yang explained the company s comeback, saying, Last quarter, although we were impacted by the global macro-economic slowdown, currency fluctuations in key markets, and PC market decline, Lenovo still achieved record high profit and delivered on our commitment to turn around the Mobile business, . On future plans, he shifted the focus to PC and mobile, saying, Next, in PCs, we will leverage the consolidation trend, commercial PC replacement, and opportunities in innovative product categories to drive growth. In Mobile, we will build scale and efficiency to accelerate our growth in emerging markets, breakthrough in mature markets with innovative products and premium brands, and expand in the open market in China with a stronger product portfolio2. And finally, in Enterprise, we will leverage leading technologies and strategic partnerships to drive profitable growth.

Total gross sales globally saw a drop, with some markets plunging as much as 15 percent. Despite this, sales figures were relatively strong and, combined with moves meant to save money and fairly high margins, managed to get Lenovo back into profitability after a long period in the red. Projected figures show a brighter future, though it s too early to begin predicting complex figures like 2016 net profit.

Overall, with many of the costly elements of the Motorola purchase out of the way, Lenovo is looking fit to resume business as usual in 2016 and go back to steady profits.


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BlackBerry Won’t Make A Windows Phone Device

BlackBerry Won't Make A Windows Phone Device

BlackBerry held onto its operating system for as long as it could but eventually it had to give up on it in a last ditch effort to survive in the market by finally adopting Android. BlackBerry Priv is the first Android-powered device1 from this company and it certainly isn t the last. Now that the company has opened up to other platforms is it possible that it might make a Windows Phone handset as well? It s not planning to do so anytime soon. It really wouldn t make any sense for BlackBerry to support Windows Phone anyway, the new iteration is actually called Windows 10 Mobile2, the platform itself is struggling much like BlackBerry 10 so it really wouldn t be wise of the company to burn its precious cash on a device that might not be able to perform well in the market. Narendra Nayak, managing director for BlackBerry India, said3 that while the company s enterprise software runs across Windows, iOS, BlackBerry and Android, on the device side it s only going to offer BlackBerry OS and Android.

iOS is obviously off the table since Apple doesn t license its operating system to other manufacturers. At this point we do not have any plans for a Windows Phone, he reiterated. Moving forward BlackBerry is more likely to focus on Android instead of its own operating system, that s really the vibe that it s putting out right now4, and it just might be the best bet for a company that once dominated the market but struggles to compete against behemoths like Samsung and Apple.

Filed in Cellphones5.

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