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Moto teases better battery and heightened security for new phone

There’s a new Motorola handset on the horizon, that much we do know, but now the Lenovo-owned firm has given us a few more pointers on its next phone. Taking to its Indian Twitter account, Moto has posted several teasing images which highlight some of the core features of its upcoming new device. So what is Motorola promising? In a series of questionably worded ‘#Missing’ tweets it’s promised better cameras1 and enhanced selfies2, slicker performance3, longer battery life4 and improved security5.

It sounds like it’s hitting all the right points for consumers then, but we’re still in the dark regarding the phone Moto is referring to.

Moto Teases Better Battery And Heightened Security For New Phone

More on May 17

There has been some chatter surrounding the next generation Moto G in recent months, so we could be looking at the next installment of the firm’s reasonably priced, yet well-tooled smartphone. The phone has appeared under the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus monikers, and look to be the most popular handsets in contention for the already confirmed Motorola launch event6 in New Dehli, India on May 17. There’s also talk of the Moto X 20167 though, which could make an appearance at the launch. Needless to say, we’re excited to see what Motorola has to offer in a couple of weeks’ time.

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HTC 10 Unlocked Pre-Orders Shipping Next Week

The HTC 101 is literally the newest smartphone on the scene and so far the reaction seems to be one which is largely positive, which is certainly good initial news for HTC and after the last year the company has had to endure in respect of their mobile ambitions. However, reaction is one thing and sales are quite another. Like any new flagship smartphone, how well it performs on sales is likely to be the final and determining factor in the success of the HTC 10. Speaking of which, the HTC 10 did open for pre-orders though HTC rather soon after the device was formerly announced and introduced and it seems as though those initial pre-orders are now preparing to be fulfilled. At least for the unlocked version as HTC s own Jeff Gordon essentially confirmed today that unlocked pre-orders will begin shipping out to consumers in the U.S. starting from next week. As the confirmation came in the form of a tweet, there is little to really elaborate on, besides the fact that next week they will begin shipping out.

As such, it is unclear as to when during next week they will actually begin or a firm date as to when customers can expect their handsets to arrive. Moving away from the unlocked side of things and over to the carrier versions of the HTC 10, today has also seen snippets of information coming through from the likes of Verizon and Sprint. In terms of Verizon, the carrier today confirmed2 that pre-orders on their network are now open, and also confirmed that pre-orders should begin to arrive for customers from May 5. While in terms of Sprint, who do not seem to be officially taking pre-orders on the HTC 10 as of yet, the carrier did confirm today that the HTC 10 will launch on their network on May 13, which presumably is the date which you will be able to order through Sprint and is likely to be the date which you could expect shipping to commence from. Either way, the one thing that is clear is for those who are planning to get hold of the HTC 10, the time is nearing.


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First Apple CareKit Apps Go Live

Why interrupt your day with a visit to the doctor when you can track symptoms and medication and share data directly from your smartphone? That’s Apple’s objective with CareKit1 an open-source software framework that lets developers build apps to help people manage medical conditions. Available today via Github, anyone can now integrate CareKit into their iOS apps; at least four apps have already done so.

One Drop, a program for diabetes management, now lets users set management goals, track daily progress, and instantly share data with healthcare providers.

Similarly, Iodine’s Start a medication management service for people with depression simplifies medication tracking, and hopes CareKit can help close the loop between the patient and the doctor.

“CareKit is a huge step forward for healthcare,” Start developer Iodine said in a blog post2. “It makes it easier for people to report their experience in a structured, meaningful format, and it makes it easier to connect our day-to-day experiences with our care team (doctors, nurses).”

Glow Nurture pregnancy tracker and Glow Baby early childhood monitor are also using CareKit to enable smart notifications about health updates. “Better and easier sharing of information with all caretakers doctors, nurses, partners, parents, babysitters is yet another important way to take control of one’s health,” Glow said in a blog post3. “And that’s what we’re all about.”

The Cleveland Clinic is expected to launch its own app for people with respiratory conditions like asthma, Fast Company reports4.

Announced5 at last month’s Apple event, the new platform is similar to HealthKit and ResearchKit, which can access data from the iOS Health app, making it easier for researchers to recruit participants for large-scale studies and access more representative samples of the population.

“We believe that giving individuals the tools to understand what is happening with their health is incredibly powerful, and apps designed using CareKit make this a reality by empowering people to take a more active role in their care,” Apple COO Jeff Williams said in March.


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Sony’s Mobile Division Loses Ground In Fiscal Year 2015

Today Sony released its financial results for fiscal year 2015 (ended on March 31, 2016), and according to the Japanese company, throughout the aforementioned timeframe its mobile division revenues dropped by another 20%, recording operating losses of 61.4 billion Yen, or roughly US$544 million. Meanwhile, the company s game division continues to grow, mostly thanks to the PlayStation 4 console. According to Sony s official statement, the company s mobile division registered operating losses of 61.4 billion Yen ($US544 million) throughout fiscal year 2015, and 20% lower revenues compared to the previous year. It s worth noting that although last year the company s mobile segment registered higher operating losses worth 217.6 billion Yen, 176 billion Yen were accounted for by impairment charges, which virtually means that operating losses were actually higher this year. Fortunately, Sony s games division is winning ground and this can mitigate some of the damage. Reportedly, Sony s game branch recorded a higher operating income of 88.7 billion Yen (US$785 million), representing an 84.3% increase from a year before. The company says that PlayStation hardware and software sales are contributing to the increase.

With an upgraded PlayStation 4 rumored to hit the market eventually, and with PlayStation VR1 set to hit the shelves by the end of the year along with some of the 100+ games already in development2, it s likely that Sony s game division will grow further. Sony also revealed that income from its camera division dropped (only) by 1.7%, while operating profits are up 72.7% to 72.1 billion Yen (US$638). The company s home entertainment and sound branch is in a similar situation, with sales dropping 6.4% and operating income increasing by 109.8%, or 50.6 billion Yen (US$447 million), largely thanks to its high-end LCD TV offerings.

Last but not least, Sony s device division covering products such as batteries and image sensors, recorded operating losses of 28.6 billion Yen (US$253 million), down from 89 billion Yen (US$821 million) operating profits from last year.

Although Sony was able to publish its financial results for fiscal year 2015, it also announced that it has delayed its forecast for fiscal year 2016 (started April 1st) because the company needs to determine the damage caused by the recent earthquakes in Kumamoto, Japan, where Sony operates manufacturing plants including its main digital camera sensor production facility.


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Apple Watch 2 Rumors: Mobile Data Connectivity, Powerful Hardware Will Let Watch 2 To Function Without Connecting …

The rumor mill is claiming that Apple is working on a sequel for its smartwatch. Speculations suggest that the Apple Watch 2 will carry support for mobile data connectivity which means users will be able to use it without tethering to an iPhone.

Wall Street Journal1 has reported that Apple Watch 2 will be coming with integrated mobile data and a faster next generation chipset. These speculations suggest that the Apple Watch 2 will be a standalone device and it will able to carry out numerous tasks without depending on an iPhone. The arrival of integrated cellular connection on Apple Watch 2 indicates that users may have to avail yet another data plan, but it would also bring along new benefits. The first generation Apple Watch relies on a paired iPhone for installation and updating of apps. It also requires a tethered iPhone to answering messages and making phone calls.

One of the requirements that Apple has introduced for submitting watchOS apps is that app developers are required to submit apps that can run on the Apple Watch without requiring a connected iPhone to install it. The native apps will work faster without transmitting data to tethered iPhone. Since the Apple Watch 2 would not require a tethered iPhone, the standalone smartwatch will let users listen to live streaming music and use GPS. It would also allow users to make phone calls or send text messages.

The arrival of mobile data connectivity would also allow users to only carry the smartwatch to track fitness activities without the need of carrying along an iPhone. Rumors also suggest that the Apple Watch 2 will be arriving with a 40 percent thinner chassis than the first generation model. The upcoming iPhone 7 models are expected to get announced in September this year.

Rumors are rife that the Apple Watch 2 release date is also slated to happen in September.


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