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Littering or defacing public spaces will land you in a spot

Summary: “Penalty for public violations is fine. But what about the blunders being committed by BBMP officials themselves. Bengaluru: Think you can get away with dumping garbage at a public place? Be it waste management, building byelaws or maintenance of infrastructure, there are cases of official apathy everywhere. Who will impose a penalty on BBMP babus who fail to deliver? Bengaluru: Think you can get away with dumping garbage at a public place? Not any more.

BBMP is all set to introduce a spot-fine system under which offenders will be penalized for violations like illegal road cutting, disfiguring of public property and haphazard waste disposal.Just like traffic cops, who are armed with Blackberry mobile phones to levy spot fines, BBMP officials will be equipped with similar devices. A mobile app has been developed under the Integrated Financial Management System, which will enable officials to generate receipts and hand over the printouts to the violators.A senior BBMP official with the IT wing said after a receipt is generated, the details entered in the mobile will be immediately uploaded to the main database. “This will help law enforcers save time.

The fear of instant penalties will go a long way in curbing violations,” he added.BBMP commissioner N Manjunath Prasad confirmed the development and said they will expand the initiative to other wings of the civic agency depending on the response the health and engineering wings get.Dhananjay R, a member of the Vijaynagar Residents Welfare Association in west Bengaluru, is critical of the new move. “Penalty for public violations is fine.


Apple iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak news: Jailbreak tool exists but won’t be released to public

Apple IOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak News: Jailbreak Tool Exists But Won't Be Released To Public (Reuters/Yuya Shino)Luca Todesco’s Apple iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak won’t be going public.

A jailbreak tool for the iOS 9.3.3, the latest of Apple’s mobile operating system currently in beta stages, actually exists but it won’t be for the public to feast on. Italian hacker and developer Luca Todesco managed to jailbreak the iOS 9.3.3 beta on his iPod Touch not long after the software was rolled out. However, he emphasized that the jailbreak will only be for him to enjoy. It is unclear why Todesco won’t release the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak, but if anything, it definitely serves a proof that the operating system is not as impenetrable as the lack of jailbreak tools in the previous months make it seem it is.

There’s no news from top jailbreak teams Pangu and TaiG about their own iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak release despite Todesco showing that it is possible. Pangu released the latest jailbreak tool earlier this year. It was an iOS 9.1 jailbreak so not many users benefited as the iOS 9.2 and iOS 9.3 are already out around that time. After that rollout, there has been nothing but silence.

The last real jailbreak that majority of jailbreak users actually managed to take advantage of was the one for the iOS 9 and 9.1, which was released back in October. With what has happened in the jailbreaking world in the past months, there is a reason to worry that new jailbreak tools may take a while to arrive or not get here at all, especially with the developers being a bit too silent about possible releases. Despite all this, an iOS 9.3 jailbreak is still expected to come out before the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this June.

However, fans would not want to get their hopes on this one as this may not happen. According to Forbes1, hackers including TaiG and Pangu might be waiting for the iOS 10 to come out and just start the jailbreaking schemes from there. This mobile operating system is expected to debut next month at the said Apple event.

It is said that developers are looking to focus their efforts on the said software instead since it will be one of the biggest updates for the iOS community.


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HTC 11 release date rumors: HTC 10 sequel to arrive April next year with 6 GB RAM, thinner build?

HTC 11 Release Date Rumors: HTC 10 Sequel To Arrive April Next Year With 6 GB RAM, Thinner Build? (HTC US)HTC 11, the successor of the HTC 10 as seen in this image, should be ready to make an impression in April 2017.

HTC 10 may have just been released, but the flagship already has its purported successor dubbed HTC 11 competing for the attention of tech fans. One month after it made a splash in the mobile world, there are already expectations on when the device will come out. Naturally, the handset is expected to come out a year after its predecessor hit the market. Since HTC 10 was just made available last month, an April release for HTC 11 is very likely. Although new HTC releases were always unveiled March, the HTC 10 came in a bit late.

This delay will certainly impact the amount of time the Taiwanese tech firm will get for the development and production of the HTC 11. Unless it wants to return to its March schedule, HTC will take its sweet time (usually one year as any other companies) to work on the HTC 10 follow-up. With that in mind, the April launch may be the new launch schedule HTC will follow for its future releases. When it comes to the specs and features of the HTC 11, rumor has it that the next-generation flagship won’t receive a makeover design-wise. That means it will keep the chamfered edges and textured construction the HTC 10 sported.

The look these design choices gave certainly made the device stand out from the rest, which is why HTC might be keeping them in the HTC 11. Despite the slight change in appearance, the word is that the HTC 11 will be a tad thinner than its older brother for the sake of a classy sleek look. The display is expected to be at 5.2 inches to 5.5 inches with Quad High Definition (HD) resolution.

The camera on the back is believed to still be at 12 megapixels like the one on the HTC 10 and will just keep the UltraPixel technology intact. Inside the HTC 11 is an impressive array of new and powerful hardware. To power the whole device up is the Snapdragon 830 processor, the latest chipset to come from Qualcomm.

This octa-core chip is projected to be the processor that new flagship releases will utilize.

To make the most of the chipset, HTC is allegedly putting in 4 GB or 6 GB RAM, which will be paired up with 32 GB and 64 GB of expandable storage for optimum experience.

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