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This woman was so angry about her mobile phone service she padlocked herself to the shop

Searching for a mobile phone signal can be a frustrating necessity for most people, but for this woman it all became a bit too much. Sat on a camping chair, Diane Cartwright padlocked herself to the door of a mobile phone shop for several hours in a desperate attempt to get her phone working. The business owner placed a chain around the door of her local EE store on Wednesday in an attempt to convince bosses to give her a working phone or release her from her contract.

Waving a placard saying: EE: Please release me, let me go and peaceful protest Ms Cartwright sat in the shop doorway from 2pm to 5.30pm. Police were called to the scene but took no action over what was deemed a civil matter .

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Mrs Cartwright, who is in her 50s, relies on her mobile phone to run her dog-grooming company called Porthma DOG in Porthmadog with husband Edmund. She claims her phone only receives an intermittent signal, meaning her company was potentially losing hundreds of pounds from customers in missed calls, the Daily Post reported2

Mrs Cartwright said: We have lost 700 – 1,000 worth of business. We don t want the stress. People were trying to call us and it was saying out of service.

She says that, despite numerous calls to EE, the problem has not been resolved.

Hywel Trewyn This Woman Was So Angry About Her Mobile Phone Service She Padlocked Herself To The Shop Diane Cartwright padlocked herself to the EE shop in Bangor

She wanted to cancel her contract with EE and had demanded they give her a PAC code so she could keep the number but move it to another mobile company. Mrs Cartwright from Mynytho, Gwynedd, said: I can t afford another week without my phone working. All I need is the PAC code. They don t want you to leave. This is the second time the Cartwrights have had problems with mobile phone coverage.

Two years ago, their home was hit by a lightning strike which knocked out their mobile phone, broadband and landline supplied by EE. Mr Cartwright claims he spent 45 hours on the phone trying to sort their problems out. Then, it took six months and the intervention of their MP to get their problems and refund sorted. At the shop in the Deiniol Shopping Centre at Bangor Mrs Cartwright said: We don t owe them any money. I went to the shop at Bangor and I was assured that they would sort it out. I am at the end of my tether and sick to death of it.

The Daily Post said they had approached EE for comment.


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Apple Watch 2 Will Have GPS and a Larger Battery (If You Still Care)

It’s fair to say that, after years of waiting for the thing, the Apple Watch launched last year to a muted response. It had its fans1, but with estimates that only 12 million were sold in its first year on sale (a decent number by wearable standards, but nothing compared to the numbers Apple’s mobile products normally manage), it was a relatively poor harvest in Cupertino. Apple now turns its attentions to the Apple Watch 2. And, for those few still interested, it seems the company is at least looking to make good on the failings of its predecessor.

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According to usually-pretty-well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple Watch 2 will look almost identical to the first timepiece in terms of its size and overall thickness, but will come packing in some much-needed and oft-requested new features. Key among these will be the inclusion of a GPS tracker.

With the Apple Watch at its best as a fitness device, it’ll allow for untethered runs, free from a phone jostling in your pocket should you want to track a route and distance accurately. A barometer will be onboard for elevation, while a more efficient TSMC chip should keep things from slowing down when an iPhone isn’t available to do the heavy lifting. That TSMC chip has been shrunk down in size too, leaving more room for a larger battery, apparently. The first Apple Watch was very much an overnight charger, squeezing a day’s worth of use out but not much more. Could the next Apple smartwatch stretch to two days of play?

Kuo is pointing to a release before the end of the year, which will likely see the Apple Watch debut alongside the iPhone 73, itself expected to come from behind the curtain around September 7th. Interestingly, he’s anticipating two Apple watch launches the one detailed above, and another with the speedier processor that drops the GPS and barometer in favour of a lower price. Perhaps a sub- 200 price tag could pique the interest of the lapsed Apple faithful?



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Motherwell drivers ‘worst in UK’ for mobile phone use


13:1921:14 Tuesday 02 August 2016

Drivers in Scotland are the worst in Britain for using their mobile phone while behind the wheel. New research has revealed motorists in Motherwell have been caught using their phones while driving more times than drivers in any other area of the UK. Offenders get three penalty points and a 100 fine and figures show that 3.29 per cent of motorists in the Motherwell postcode area currently have the offence on their licence.

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The Glasgow postcode area at 2.59 per cent is the second worst offender. Towns in Scotland fill the top eight spots in the British list based on data from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). The Kilmarnock area was third on the list with 2.3 per cent of drivers being caught using their phones on the road while Paisley was fourth at 2.06 per cent. Scotland as a whole was the worst region in the UK for the offence with 1.51 per cent of drivers across the country caught out followed by London at 0.82 per cent.

Worcester and Essex had the least number of drivers with the offence on the record with just 0.21 per cent in the areas caught. The data was obtained from the DVLA by car price comparison website Car Keys. A DVLA spokesman said: Using a mobile phone and other hand-held devices, whilst driving, is a criminal offence. Studies have shown this to be a serious road safety risk. If this happens whilst driving a large vehicle such as a bus or lorry, the risk is even greater.

READ MORE: Scots more likely to pay for licence fee than rUK2

A spokesman for Car Keys said: We published data highlighting the most likely places to come across drivers using their mobile phones whilst behind the wheel.

Data collected by the DVLA has pinpointed the worst places in Britain for driving offence code CU80 as well as praising the safest areas too . Between 2009 and 2014 there were 3,611 reported accidents occurred where at least one driver was on their phone. Earlier this year, it was announced that drivers caught using hand-held mobiles could face tougher penalties under new plans being considered by ministers.

The number of penalty points given to a motorist using their phone while driving could rise from three to four and the fine could be raised from 100 to 150.


Motherwell 3.29%

Glasgow 2.59%

Kilmarnock 2.30%

Paisley 2.06%

Dumfries 1.78%

Falkirk 1.76%

Kirkcaldy 1.60%

Edinburgh 1.34%

Southhall 1.29%

Ilford 1.28%


Worcester 0.21%

Exeter 0.21%

Dorchester 0.22%

Telford 0.23%

Gloucester 0.25%

Torquay 0.25%

Truro 0.25%

Plymouth 0.25%

Derby 0.26%

Canterbury 0.26%


Scotland 1.51%

London 0.82%

East England 0.73%

Wales 0.72%

South East England 0.62%

North East England 0.52%

North West England 0.42%

East Midlands 0.37%

Yorkshire & The Humber 0.35%

South West 0.32%

West Midlands 0.31%

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More Diverse, Gender-Inclusive Emoji Are Coming In iOS 10

Today, Apple announced some huge news: New emoji are coming in iOS 101 this Autumn.

When the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system arrives (likely in September), everyone s favourite keyboard is getting 100 new and redesigned icons. While we ve been hearing rumours about new emoji for most of the summer, Apple finally gave us a sneak peek of what some of them will look like. The new update includes a whole collection of female athletes and professionals, more modern family dynamics, and a rainbow flag. Google first proposed the idea of these female emoji earlier this year, and they were approved by the Unicode Consortium in mid July. Last year we got new skin tones, and now we re getting gender inclusivity. Until recently, our emoji options have seriously lacked diversity and underrepresented women. As much as we love the hair flip, we need strong female images that show that women are a lot more than brides and princesses. The keyboard won’t be released until September. But until then, you can take a look at the some of the sweet characters you can expect to see.

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Lenovo applies for single-brand permit

NEW DELHI: The Lenovo-Motorola1 combine has applied for single-brand retail licence for opening company-owned showrooms in India as the Chinese company’s mobile sales in the country crossed the $1-billion mark in 2015-16.

Sudhin Mathur, director for the mobile business group at Lenovo2‘s Indian operations, said that the turnover from sales of mobile phones in the year ended March 31, 2016 stood at $1.3 billion, nearly doubling from the $700-million sales reached in the previous fiscal. “Sales have been growing at a healthy pace in India and we expect to maintain a strong momentum even during the current fiscal,” Mathur told TOI after launching a new device ‘Vibe K5 Note’. According to numbers collated by industry tracker IDC, the Lenovo-Motorola combine sold around 10 million units last fiscal, accounting for a nearly 10% share in total smartphone sales of 103 million units. Sources said the company, which also sells laptops in the country, has applied for single-brand retail licence for retail as well as e-commerce business in the country. This is under the revised retail guidelines, which have proposed an eight-year relaxation for the 30% local sourcing condition. Other companies to have applied for the single-brand retail licence include Apple and Chinese company LeEco

Mathur said smartphone industry sales in India are expected to grow by 30% this year. “We are more optimistic on our business, and expect to grow faster than the industry.”
The company’s mobile phones for India are being contract-manufactured by Flextronics4, which is making them at Sriperumbudur. Lenovo is also looking at having its own facility for phones in the country as it experiences healthy demand in the market, sources said.

A decision on this front is expected soon, a source said.
Mathur said that eight-nine new smartphones will be introduced in India over the coming months as the company beefs up its portfolio ahead of the festive season.


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