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The Puppet Company – Monsters – Orange Hand Puppet – Reduced

The Puppet Company - Monsters - Orange Hand Puppet

  • Big, bright, hairy and noisy just like any good mo
  • Fifty centimetres high
  • The monster has an air powered noisy squeaker as a
  • Hand operated puppet
  • Fully mobile mouth

Raaah! Big, bright, hairy and loud just like any good monster should be. This fifty centimetre high glove puppet has a fully mobile mouth with a loud squeak for a voice. Excellent for play or puppet theatre. Children and adults alike are fascinated and enchanted by the magic of puppetry, and the mystical puppets from The Puppet Company take the art to a whole new dimension. Puppets encourage children to be creative, use their imagination to tell exciting stories, to bring fairy tales to life, to entertain and to have fun. The Puppet Company have been producing high quality toys for many years and have built their reputation on their ability to translate any animal or character into a beautifully made and well-functioning puppet.

Safety Information:
Warning. Not suitable for Children under 3 years.

Arthur Wood 3-Piece Monsters Dining Set Giftbox – Recommended

Arthur Wood 3-Piece Monsters Dining Set Giftbox

  • Made from fine, durable porcelain
  • Decorated with fun, bright illustrations
  • 1 x 21cm plate
  • 1 x 17cm bowl
  • 1 x 9oz mug

The Arthur Wood brand was established in 1884. The origins of this traditional English brand go back over 124 years to the Wood family, and the famous master potters Ralph and Enoch Wood. A long and illustrious history of fine crafted Arthur Wood pottery ensued and has resulted in the brand maintaining its core elegance of English traditions whilst blending a modern day touch to its designs. The brand maintains an enviable reputation for design and quality with products that suit many tastes and styles.

This Arthur Wood¬† Monsters 3 pc children’s dining set is made from fine durable porcelain and decorated with fun, bright monster illustrations.

Set Contains:
1 x 21cm Plate
1 x 17cm Cereal Bowl
1 x Mug 9oz

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