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Cancer patient dies after mobile phone in his bed catches fire


A cancer patient died of smoke inhalation after the iPhone he used as a lifeline burst into flames as he slept, an inquest heard. Marek Kruger, 53, who was bedbound, relied on the phone which he kept by his bedside and often under his pillow, a coroner s court in Reading, Berkshire, heard. Mr Kruger, a father of two, had a brain tumour and was in considerable pain, Iryna, his widow told the court.

He had lost the feeling on the left hand side of his body, she said in a statement which was read out on her behalf.

He used to put the phone and wallet just under the pillow because he wanted to have his phone next to him. He felt unsafe sometimes when the girls his carers had not been around and I was at work.

The phone was used to enable Mr Kruger to shop online, Mail Online2, reported.

Cancer Patient Dies After Mobile Phone In His Bed Catches Fire

Jonathan Fuguet, a scientific adviser to the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, the iPhone battery had overheated. He told Ravi Sidhu, Berkshire s assistant coroner, that the phone been covered while it was being charged. It meant that the air around the phone was unable to circulate freely. It was like putting it into a fire, but much slower, Mr Fuguet added.

Recording a narrative conclusion, Mr Sidhu said: I am persuaded that in all likelihoods, had that iPhone been charged in an environment where the heat could have been dissipated as it charged, we would not have to be here.

The likely cause was the battery overheating3 in circumstances where it had been covered and heat was retained to a degree where it was heating up more than it was able to cool.

That in turn caused other material to be ignited which in turn caused fumes to be ejected.

Regrettably, Mr Kruger was in close proximity to those fumes in a way that he could not extricate himself because of his medical condition.


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LG Pay Will Arrive In The Mobile Payment Competition

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LG Pay Will Arrive In The Mobile Payment CompetitionLG pay is allegedly the latest form of mobile payment according to a recent rumor. The South Korean giant is planning to compete with the other mobile payment solutions across the globe but it wants to take a different approach to it which is why we should pay some close attention to LG Pay.

When it comes to making payments with your phone there are plenty of ways. We have Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and many other smaller ones with the bigger one so far being Samsung Pay. They re all pretty much the same but the difference lies in the limitations for instance Apple Pay is only available to a select couple of vendors and Samsung Pay is compatible with older systems which is why they took a larger portion of the market share. This simple solution to paying with your phone has turned out to be rather useful during Black Friday where we managed to avoid larger crowds although to be fair the last Black Friday was pretty mediocre in terms of how many people showed up.

Why LG Pay Will Be Different

LG Pay Will Arrive In The Mobile Payment CompetitionSo what s LG s take on this system? Well, the South Korean company will issue a payment card that links all your cards in one package called the LG Pay White Card. Using this card, you can withdraw cash from any ATM and it can be used just like any other credit card as well. It has an LCD display on it which allows customers to see which credit card they want to use so it s basically an all-in-one solution for payments and whatnot, and LG could really pull this off.

Do you think that LG Pay will have a good success given the market saturation right now? Let us know by leaving a comment. Source: ETNews1




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A proud Nexus warrior who loves technology. Most of the time you can find him hunting for the latest tech news, and new things to experiment with his gadgets.

His current weapon of choice is the Nexus 5.


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Best upcoming PS4 games: a month-by-month video guide

There s loads of promising-looking titles coming to the PS4 this year, so we thought we d compile a month-by-month list of what should be the games you ll be enjoying throughout the year. We ve listed all our top picks by month if they have confirmed release dates; below a roundup below of titles that are still just listed as 2016 by their publishers, we ll update these into full entries as we get confirmed release dates. We ve tried to be fairly genre neutral here and include games from all across the gaming spectrum Starting from this month, there s plenty to get your teeth into from the off.


(9th) Firewatch

We don t know an awful lot about Firewatch but I do know I m really excited about it. This mysterious adventure game puts you in the role of a forest ranger tasked with keeping an eye on a huge stretch of pristine forest, alone. With an art style that draws from the classic 1930s posters1 for American national parks, along with a strong sense of character for a first-person adventure. It looks absolutely stunning and the trailer suggests a much darker story to contrast with its bright and breezy presentation. I can t wait to get out and explore the wilderness. Video of Firewatch – June 2015 Trailer

(16th) Street Fighter V

Only last night I attended the Street Fighter V launch event in London and it reinforced for me just how big a release this is. If you ve ever enjoyed a fighting game then you should seriously give Street Fighter V a go. There s not much in terms of single-player content of course (the main story mode isn t available until June), but seeing fans of the game playing it against one and other reminds just how strong the community is for this title and how much fun it is to play.

Yes, you might eventually feel the need to buy a big-ass joystick and yes there s some practice involved getting up to speed but a new ranking system should pair you off against similarly-skilled opponents as you improve. As to the game itself, it looks great, it hits hard and the roster of characters mixes classic fighters, with long-forgotten ones and some new faces. Give it a go and you might just find a hobby for life.

Video of Street Fighter V – Story Expansion Trailer

(23rd) Far Cry Primal

Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 were both great games but they did feel a little samey. Ubisoft has attempted to address that by setting its latest title in the past, the very, very distant past. Primal is set in prehistoric times, or rather a slightly fanciful and fantasy version of prehistoric times. You’re tasked with protecting your tribe from its warlike neighbours, with the aid of spears, bows, pyromaniac tendencies and a nifty line in animal control magic. With both fire and animals playing a big role here it s not as far removed from previous games as you might expect (yes, there s a map and yes it s covered in icons). Worth keeping an eye out for our full review then.

Video of Far Cry Primal Gameplay Walkthrough EUROPE


(8th) The Division

We ve all been talking about The Division for years now, but it s finally coming out. If you ve been living in a cave, here s the short version: The Division has long been the poster child for next-gen gaming. It s closest to Destiny in terms of design, with seamless single- and multi-player gameplay, letting you play with your friends but also mixing in other players online at the time. Set in a still recognisable, but post-viral-disaster, New York it s something of an NRA fantasy with regular citizen called up to take control of the city from vicious gangs – all with the help of some very big guns of course. It looks, and plays, excellently but we re concerned whether it has enough content to prevent it suffering the same fate as Destiny, where many players never got to grips with the best parts of the game. For more information read our The Division article2. Video of Tom Clancy's The Division Gameplay Walkthrough – E3 2015 US

(11th) Hitman

The assassination series is back with this simply-titled game. Huge and realistic environments are the first draw, each packed with characters and information that you can use to your advantage. Each hit will provide a myriad of options about how you kill your target from the direct and brutal to the subtle and silent. Crowded areas are common here and there s numerous ways to turn them to your advantage, using them to cover your activities. The environments are interactive too, you can sabotage items such as gas cookers, or set off a fire alarm to clear an area. It s all looking rather smart, the thinking man s alternative to the usual shoot first, shoot later and shoot some more approach to gaming.

Video of HITMAN – World Premiere 'Showstopper' Playthrough


(29th) Uncharted 4

There s not a lot I can say about Uncharted 4. If you have a PlayStation 4 it s the game most people have been waiting for, the biggest exclusive series that Sony has to offer. From previews it looks to be the game we know and love, but they ve finally managed to blend the platforming and combat sequences, so you can scale up behind people and pull them off cliffs or swing down from above and take them out in a single blow. There s driveable vehicles too and huge levels to drive them through. If this isn t the biggest game of 2016 I ll eat my hat – an indy-style fedora of course. For more information read our Uncharted 4 article3.

Video of UNCHARTED 4: A Thief s End – E3 2015 Press Conference Demo | PS4


(13th) Doom

Tired of hiding in cover all the time and occasionally popping up to off a bad guy, me too? Doom takes a more traditional approach to shooting, with in-your face action and constantly movement. Circle-strafing is back, alongside brutal melee attacks and weapons that simply blow your enemies into bloody gibbets. There s a meaty single-player campaign, with devious and ingenious levels that will kill you over and over again, plus multi-player as well. It s looking devilishly good too.

Video of DOOM Campaign Trailer


No Man’s Sky

No date on this one but we ve been promised it in June, which could mean a launch on stage at E3 in order to create a big splash for Sony s event and push it straight to the top of the download charts. The game itself procedurally generates millions of star systems and worlds, from their geography to their flora and fauna. The art style is taken straight from a Roger Dean 70s concept album cover. The only questions remains the gameplay, which is notably undefined, just what will we be doing in this huge world and how will we interact with each other?

Video of No Man's Sky “I've Seen things”| TRAILER |#PlayStationPGW


(23rd) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The follow-up to the excellent Deus Ex: Human Revolution5, the latest game follows closely in that one s footsteps, blending stealth, combat and the ability to hack and control tech in your local environment. This time around the developer has promised to improve the combat, to try and make it as fun as the usual stealthy approach. It certainly looks upgraded with hectic firefights punctuating the preview footage. There s a shadowy international conspiracy of course, and lots of cybernetic implants to upgrade your character and make things miserable for his opponents. For more information read our Deus Ex: Mankind Divided article6.

Video of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided World Premiere Gameplay Demo

No date confirmed

Also coming this year are these beauties, but we can t write them into our diaries quite yet as the publishers are being tight on giving out exact dates. Expect at least some of these to slip into 2017.

Destiny 2

Dishonored 2

Final Fantasy XV

Battlefield 5

Mass Effect Andromeda

Horizon: Zero Dawn

The Last Guardian


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BlackBerrry Continues to Reaffirm Its Support Towards BB10 OS

BlackBerry recently introduced its first Android smartphone, the PRIV, in India. During the launch event, BlackBerry officials confirmed1 what most of us have been guessing for quite some time: the Canadian company is determined to bet everything on Android.

That would be an issue for fans of the Canadian company if it wouldn’t be made at the expense if BlackBerry 10 OS. One of the most secure mobile operating system with decent market share, BlackBerry 10 will continue to be supported by the Canadian company, but that doesn’t mean it will receive new features. The company’s CEO John Chen has already confirmed that at least one other Android smartphone, if not two, will be launched on the market this year. He also hinted that his company has no plans to launch any BlackBerry 10 smartphone this year, but the operating system will continue to receive major updates in the coming months.

Expect more BB10 updates in the coming months

In a short post on its official blog2, BlackBerry highlights the importance of the PRIV’s launch in India3 but also reiterates of its commitment to the BlackBerry 10 operating system.

But while PRIV on secured Android offers a choice in OS to new and existing customers, we want also to make very clear our ongoing commitment to the BlackBerry 10 platform, which enables industry-leading security and productivity benefits. As we ve said before, consumer and enterprise fans of our workhorse BlackBerry 10 smartphones such as Passport, Classic and others can look forward to multiple security and privacy enhancements in 2016. Once again, there’s no mention of a possible launch of a BlackBerry 10 smartphone in the future, but at least there will be many improvements and fixes released in the coming months.

Hopefully, a few new features will be launched on BlackBerry 10 OS as well.


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comScore: Apple ends 2015 with 42.9% of US smartphone share, Samsung at 28.4%; BlackBerry OS falls under 1%

Apple s dominance as the top smartphone maker in the U.S. continued throughout last year (it s still second worldwide1), growing slightly from 41.6 percent in December 2014 to 42.9 percent of the pie at the end of 2015. Samsung meanwhile slipped a bit, from 29.7 percent in December 2014 to 28.4 percent in December 2015. Rounding out the top five were LG (up), Motorola (flat), and HTC (down). In the mobile OS wars, Google s Android kept the U.S. crown with 53.3 percent, moving up 0.2 percentage points year over year, while Apple held second with iOS, also moving up the same 1.3 percentage points as a smartphone maker. Microsoft s Windows Phone dropped 0.5 points to 2.9 percent while BlackBerry OS halved its share from 1.8 percent to 0.9 percent.

The latest data2 comes from comScore, which estimates that 197.4 million Americans owned smartphones (79.3 percent mobile market penetration) during Q4 2015. Here is how the top five smartphone makers fared last quarter:

ComScore: Apple Ends 2015 With 42.9% Of US Smartphone Share, Samsung At 28.4%; BlackBerry OS Falls Under 1%

Over the last three months of the year, Apple lost share while Samsung capitalized. As we already mentioned, though, Apple actually fared better when looking across the whole year. Everyone else in the U.S. market is still very far behind, though LG almost managed to hit double digits. The bigger changes will likely come when January s figures arrive, as that s when the impact of holiday sales will become apparent.

On the software side, Google ended 2015 very strongly. In December, Android was the undisputed winner once again, while Apple s iOS held onto second without issue:

ComScore: Apple Ends 2015 With 42.9% Of US Smartphone Share, Samsung At 28.4%; BlackBerry OS Falls Under 1%

Microsoft s Windows Phone failed to gain traction and BlackBerry managed to hit a new low. BlackBerry OS fell below 1 percent, a number it hasn t seen in U.S. for than a decade. Given its Android ambitions3, however, this is hardly surprising. At the end of 2014, the Android-iOS duopoly in the U.S.

had hit 94.7 percent market share. At the end of 2015, that figure rose to 96.2 percent. We expected that something would give in 2015, but Windows 10 Mobile was the only real hope for a challenge, and it has been plagued with delay4 after delay5, among other issues.

Right now at least, it doesn t look like anything in 2016 will be able to break Apple s and Google s mobile stranglehold.


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