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Eventer Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Multifunction Sweep and Mop, Auto-Charge and Schedule Cleaning for Hard Floors /Gray – Price Drop

Eventer is dedicated to deliver 5-starexperience for you.

Eventer vacuum robot delivers fresh,clean floor to you every day! Hope you can enjoy a rather convenient,high-efficiency and delightful lifestyle.


Color: Grey

SuctionOption: Suction

CleaningMode: Auto, Spot, Border, Zigzag-planned

Filter:Primary/HEPA filter

Brush:Dual Side Brush

InputVoltage & Frequency: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz

ChargingMode: Auto charging/Manual charging

ChargingTime: About 200-300mins

WorkingTime: About 100mins

BatteryCapacity: LI-ION 2000mAH

DustBin Capacity: 600ml

Package Includes:

Vacuum robot x1

Charging base x1

Remote control x1

Virtual blocker x1

Adapter x1

Cleaning tool x1

Water tank x1

Mop x2

Extra side brushes x2

Extra HEPA filter x1

User manual x1

Battery is not included in the remote control and virtual blocker.

  • Simple to use – Push a button on Eventer, so you can keep up with everyday mess.
  • Wet Mop – If you are looking for an all-in-one purpose vacuum cleaner, Eventer is the best choice for you. With a capacity of 120 – 140ml, the water tank is sufficient to clean the entire room of about 150m2.
  • Pet Fur Pick-Up -Pet fur can be a pain to remove. Eventer’s powerful tangle-free roller brush will effectively eliminate scattered pet hair, human hair and debris jams.
  • Energy Saving – Eventer is high-efficient and general saves up to 30% of electricity.
  • Cleaning Modes — Eventer has 4 distinct cleaning modes: auto, spot, edge and zigzag-planned, which makes sure it gets it all cleaned up.

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Nokia 8 announced: a mobile phone designed for live streaming

Finnish brand Nokia is continuing its attempt to clamber up the ranks in the smartphone market with the Nokia 8, a flagship smartphone with a few interesting features. Perhaps most interesting is the Nokia 8’s ‘Dual-Sight’. You can snap photos and record videos using both front and rear cameras at the same time – and you can see how these look on the phone’s display via its split-screen feature.

You can record 4K video on the Nokia 8, too. Plus the phone records 360? audio, which means it should capture sound from all directions for more immersive playback. You should be able to buy the Nokia 8 at some point in September, and it will cost around ?550 to buy outright.

This price tag places it among the more expensive smartphones we’ve seen, but is it worth considering over well-known models such as the Samsung Galaxy S8[1] and LG G6[2]? It’s made from aluminium for an expensive look, has a generous 64GB on-board storage and dual cameras on its rear. We can’t wait until we get full results from our test lab, to bring you our definitive verdict.

In the meantime, we cover some of the phone’s key specs, and whether it’s shaping up to be one of the best smartphones of 2017, below. Mobile phone reviews[3] – get the best smartphone for your budget

Nokia 8: dual rear cameras

More and more mobile phone manufacturers are sticking two camera lenses on the back of handsets, to try to improve photo and video quality.

Nokia has jumped on the bandwagon with the 8, with 13Mp colour and monochrome lenses. The theory behind this is that you’ll get better detail even in low-light shots, and you’ll be able to focus more quickly on your subject. It also has a 13Mp front-facing camera for selfie fans.

We test all phones for camera quality in a range of light conditions. We can’t wait to see whether the Nokia 8 delivers on its grand claims.


Under the hood, the Nokia 8 has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. This is the latest Snapdragon chip in the series, and means that the new Nokia should speed through everyday tasks.

It should also be able to handle the latest, graphic-intensive games, and flitting between several different apps. This means the Nokia 8 could be a good choice both for people who use their phones mainly for texts and light web browsing, as well as people who use their phones for several hours a day.

Pure Android

The Nokia 8 runs on Google’s Android operating system.

Many manufacturers do the same, but modify how it looks for a more bespoke experience. However, Nokia is offering Android in its pure form with its new smartphone. Nokia says that this means there will be no unnecessary apps that you can’t delete – instead, you have more storage space to fill with exactly what you want.

The Finnish brand also promises monthly security updates to the Nokia 8, which may give you peace of mind.

Extra features

As you’d expect from a phone this expensive, it has a fingerprint scanner for so you can quickly unlock your device. Many expensive smartphones are designed with decent water-resistance. For example, you can submerge the Samsung Galaxy S8[4] for half an hour in 1.5 metres of water, and it should still work normally.

It’s somewhat disappointing that the Nokia 8 can only withstand ‘splashes’ of water, and that an accidental drop in the toilet could render it completely useless.


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