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Revealed: the energy deals ending which could add £400+ to your bill

Three energy deals ending this month could leave customers with a ?400 bill increase over the next year if they don’t take action, Which? research reveals. All three of these tariffs are Npower’s. The biggest increase is ?463, for customers moving from one of Npower’s fixed deals this month onto its standard tariff.

This happens automatically if you don’t sign up to another gas and electricity tariff. Of the 19 energy deals ending in August, 15 of them could increase customers’ bills by ?200 or more in a year if they don’t switch. The majority of these are from First Utility or Npower.

None of British Gas’ tariffs end this month but dual-fuel customers on its standard tariff could still see their bills increase by ?76 on average over the next year. This is because British Gas is raising its electricity prices by 12.5% from 15 September. Its gas prices aren’t changing.

To protect yourself from energy bill increases, read on to find out if your tariff is among those ending this month, plus discover the cheapest deals you could switch to.

Use our independent energy switching website, Which? Switch[1], to compare gas and electricity prices. Or you can phone us on 0800 410 1149 or 01259 220235.

Fixed energy deals ending in August 2017

You could be facing ?463 extra on your bill over the next year if your fixed energy deal is one of those ending this month.

Of the deals finishing in August, the average increase is ?282 over the next year. You can protect yourself from overpaying hundreds of pounds by switching to a new deal or energy supplier. Below we’ve listed the 10 deals which could add more than ?300 to your bill over the next year.

Check if yours is listed and make sure you compare energy prices to find the best new energy deal for you. Other deals ending are listed underneath. The list shows the average price difference between the tariff ending and the standard tariff onto which you’ll move automatically if you do nothing.

  1. ?463 bill increase – Npower[2] Collective Price Fix August 2017 – Paperless
  2. ?407 bill increase – Npower MSM Collective Fix August 2017 – Paperless
  3. ?401 bill increase – Npower Online Price Fix August 2017 – Paperless
  4. ?395 bill increase – First Utility[3] First Fixed August 2017 v6 ONLINE ONLY – Paperless
  5. ?380 bill increase – Npower Fixed Energy Online August 2017 – Paperless
  6. ?350 bill increase – First Utility First Fixed August 2017 v4 ONLINE ONLY – Paperless
  7. ?347 bill increase – First Utility First Fixed August 2017 v2
  8. ?327 bill increase – First Utility First Fixed August 2017
  9. ?305 bill increase – Scottish Power[4] Online Fixed Price Energy August 2017

(The prices above are based on an average dual-fuel user, paying by monthly direct debit, with paperless billing, averaged across all regions in Great Britain.

Exact prices vary by region, usage and payment method.) Scroll down to see the cheapest tariffs you could switch to.

Other gas and electricity deals ending in August

The other 10 energy tariffs which are ending this month, but would increase your annual bill by a smaller amount, are: ?200-?300 increase

EDF Energy[5] Blue+Price Protection Aug17, Extra Energy[6] Fresh Fixed Price Aug 2017 v1, First Utility First Fixed August 2017 v5 Full Service, First Utility iSave Fixed August 2017 – Paperless, First Utility iSave Fixed August 2017 v2 – Paperless, Go Effortless Energy[7] June 2016 v3. ?100-?200 increase Affect Energy[8] Fixed Saver August 2017, Sainsbury’s Energy[9] Fixed Price August 2017, Sainsbury’s Energy Price Freeze August 2017, Sainsbury’s Energy Price Promise August 2017.

Top five cheapest energy deals you can switch to

You can’t be charged an exit fee in the last 49 days of your fixed gas or electricity deal, so you’re free to switch to one of the best value dual-fuel deals below:

  1. ?831 – Green Network Energy[10] GNE Italian Touch 12 Month Fixed V8 – Paperless
  2. ?834 – Iresa[11] Flex4 12month Fixed Direct Debit – Paperless
  3. ?834 – Iresa Flex4 Standard Variable – Paperless
  4. ?843 – Economy Energy[12] Online Saver
  5. ?854 – Tonik Energy[13] Positively Renewable – Paperless

More money-saving energy tips

If you’re already on a good-value energy deal, there’s still more you can do to cut your energy costs, even in summer.

  • Don’t leave appliances, such as your TV or computer, on standby.

    This can add ?30 per year to your bills.

  • Use energy-saving light bulbs. Although they can be pricey to buy initially, each bulb replaced can save you around ?7 per year.
  • Follow our energy-saving tumble drying tips[14], including filling it to the maximum, using a high-spin speed on your washing machine so laundry is as dry as possible, and cleaning the lint filter after each use to keep your dryer efficient.
  • Choose appliances with low running costs when you come to replace them. Tumble dryers can vary between ?30 and ?139 to run per year, our tests reveal.

(How our prices are calculated: Prices are based on a dual-fuel tariff for an average user (using Ofgem averages of 3,100kWh of electricity and 12,500kWh of gas per year), paying by monthly direct debit, with paperless bills and are averaged across all regions.

Exact prices can vary according to region, usage and payment method. Prices are rounded to the nearest whole pound. The prices given in the table above are correct as of 17 August 2017.)


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