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EE drops pre-Black Friday deals: Apple iPhone 6S, SE and Samsung Galaxy A5 among bargains

EE’s not waiting around ’til Black Friday before it sets out its stall; bargains include getting a 32GB iPhone 6S for free on a GBP30.49/month contract, where it was previously GBP200 up front. Other bargains include getting a 64GB Huawei P10 for nothing up front – again, down from GBP200 – on a GBP25.49/month deal and a Samsung Galaxy A5, which would normally set you back GBP100, for nothing up front on plans starting at GBP18.99/month. All EE deals come with 24 month contracts and come with inclusive EU roaming as standard.

Best EE Black Friday 2017 phone deals

Apple iPhone 6S

Both the 32GB and 128GB iPhone 6Ss can be had away for free on contracts from GBP30.49/month and GBP35.49/month, respectively, though these contracts give you just 500MB a month to play with.

You’re far better off going for one of the 8GB plans, which cost GBP37.99/month and GBP42.99/month each – again, with no up front costs for the phones.

Apple iPhone SE

Again, the upfront charge of GBP149.99 for the 32GB and 128GB iPhone SEs have been dropped on the basic 500MB data plans, which see you paying GBP20.49/month and GBP25.49/month respectively. Better options include the 8GB plans, which cost GBP32.99/month and GBP37.99/month, without you needing to pay up front for the phones.

Samsung Galaxy A3

Going for the 3GB option here sees you getting access to the fastest speeds possible on EE’s network, 24 months’ free BT Sport mobile – with no up front cost for the phone. If 3GB isn’t enough, there’s an 8GB equivalent which costs GBP32.99/month.

Samsung Galaxy A5

Ignore the recommended deal and go for the 8GB plan – it’s less than GBP10/month more and you get sixteen times the data, plus free access to BT Sport for the duration of the 24 month contract and access to the fastest network speeds possible.

Huawei P10

Your best bet once again is to ignore the starting deal, which gives you a paltry 500MB and pick any of the others; we’d recommend the 8GB option which costs GBP32.99/month, gives you access to 24 months’ of free BT Sport mobile and the fastest speeds you’re going to get on EE’s network.

Nokia 8

It doesn’t have the same nostalgic resonance as this year’s Nokia 3310 reboot, but it does boast a nice, stripped down interface and the same dark blue body that hearkens back to Nokia’s legacy.

Better still, you can pick one up on a 3GB or 8GB plan for GBP37.99/month and GBP42.99/month and both contracts let you stream BT Sport mobile for their duration (24 months) and tap into the fastest 4G speeds going on EE’s network.

Samsung entices Apple users with trade-in deals ahead of iPhone X launch

‘Samsung’s announced a limited-time ‘Switch to Galaxy[1]‘ offer, which sees iPhone owners trading in an old phone able to get money off a Galaxy S8[2], Galaxy S8+[3] or a Galaxy Note 8[4]. Possibly timed to coincide with iPhone X pre-orders going live[5], the new deal is live from today and runs until Thursday, the 23rd of November. The new deals apply if you’re able to trade in a fully working iPhone 4 or newer that’s able to be fully powered up and the device can’t be registered as lost, stolen, or barred.

Trade-ins see the prices of new Samsung Galaxy phones falling from from ?689.00 to a ?527.76 (Galaxy S8) ?779.00 to a ?647.76 (Galaxy S8+) and ?869.00 to a ?719.76 (Galaxy Note 8 64GB), with the option for you to spread those costs over six months, a year, 18 months or 24 months. That’s great news if you’ve got an old iPhone 5 knocking about; less so if you were thinking of trading in an old iPhone 7 elsewhere; you very well might be able to get more money by selling it elsewhere. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

If you’ve been eyeing up a Galaxy S8 and you’re still on the fence about the iPhone X, this deal might sway your purchase decision[6].

If you’re still undecided, our iPhone X vs Galaxy S8 superphone showdown feature[7] might help tip the balance.


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