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Amazon Echo 2017 price slashed ahead of Black Friday

Amazon’s second-gen Echo smart speaker[1] will be going for ?20 less ahead of and during black Friday. The more friendly-looking Echo comes with a 3.5mm out, so you can hook it up to another speaker, if you need some extra oomph. Along with the new Echo, the smaller Echo Dot smart speaker[2] is also taking a tumble, down to ?34.99 from the usual ?49.99.

If you need a smart plug to connect everything to your router, you’ll also be able to pick up this TP-Link smart plug, which normally costs ?30, for a tenner. Other Amazon-related products that are getting the pre-Black Friday snip include Dash Buttons[3]. Normally a fiver at a time, these Pavlovian single product order buttons can be stuck anywhere in the home and let you add individual items to your next Amazon Prime delivery with a simple tap.

While you’ll want to keep these out of the reach of smaller hands for obvious reasons, Amazon’s also cutting the cost of its range of children’s tablets; the Fire 7 Kids and Fire HD 8 Kids will cost ?69.99 and ?89.99 each, down from the regular ?99.99 and ?129.99.

Note that the following prices won’t apply ’til tomorrow, but you can use the following links to jump to the relevant pages and bookmark them in the meantime:


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Everything Leaving Netflix in November

Whenever Netflix[1] reveals its list of content leaving the service–usually buried under the list of new stuff[2]–it also sends along some newsie tidbits. This month it told us about “binge-racers,” a term for people who immediately watch an entire season of a new TV show on the service in the first 24 hours it’s available. Netflix claims most people only do so once a year, but also mentioned that at least one US subscriber has done it 36 times in 2017.

Let that sink in–Netflix knows exactly when that person is mesmerized by its offerings and probably can track their bathroom breaks by when they pause shows. Your Netflix habits are likely a bit less extreme, but there are a few things you might want to binge before they leave Netflix in November. Remember, just because a film is listed here doesn’t guarantee it’s actually leaving!

Martin Scorsese’s Hugo was on the list for deletion in July–and it never left, probably due to last-minute licensing negotiations. But it’s scheduled to leave again this month.

The Matrix[3]–Gone November 1

Watch this exquisite piece of classic sci-fi–now 18 years old!–and marvel at all the tidbits that have become part of our culture. Bullet time.

Red pill or the blue pill. The come-hither finger wag to start a fight. Leather.

Then, try to forget the film ever got sequels that don’t measure up. (The Matrix Reloaded[4] and The Matrix Revolutions[5] are also leaving the service this month, if you really want to go there.)

[embedded content]

V for Vendetta[6]–Gone November 1

Writer Alan Moore wrote many of the most important graphic novels ever, and this film is based on one them–and does it justice. Set in a dystopian, Fascist-led London very reminiscent of 1984, the film follows an anarchist named V who plans to go full Guy Fawkes against the police state, mask included. Guess what?

The film was written by the Wachowskis, the siblings behind The Matrix, and was directed by their first assistant director, James McTeigue. They all worked on the show Sense8 for Netflix… and since that’s been canceled, maybe that’s why these films are all leaving.

[embedded content]

How I Met Your Mother[7]: Seasons 1-9–Gone November 13

For nine long years we waited to find out who Ted Mosby[8] would marry and have kids with and well, it’s about the journey, not the destination, right? Which is one way of saying maybe HIMYM didn’t totally stick the landing.

But along the way this show about five characters in New York City (one less than Friends so you know it’s different!) told a lot of fun stories and had many a wonderful moment. Also, it put Neil Patrick Harris back on top after the ignominy of the Doogie Howser M.D. era. Try to be a true binge-racer and watch all 208 episodes before it goes–it will only take about 76.26 hours, give or take.

[embedded content]


Everything Leaving Netflix in November

Gone November 1Back to the Secret GardenBlack Books: Series 1-3Christmas with the KranksGet Rich or Die Tryin’Hard CandyHugoRavenousThe BrothersThe Legend of Hell HouseThe MatrixThe Matrix ReloadedThe Matrix RevolutionsThe Newton BoysThomas & Friends: A Very Thomas ChristmasThomas & Friends: Holiday ExpressThomas & Friends: Merry Winter WishThomas & Friends: The Christmas EnginesThomas & Friends: Ultimate ChristmasTwilightV for Vendetta

Gone November 3Do I Sound Gay? Gone November 5Hannah Montana: The MovieHeavyweightsSky High Gone November 8The Heartbreak Kid

Gone November 11Goosebumps Gone November 13How I Met Your Mother: Seasons 1-9 Gone November 15Jessie: Seasons 1-4The Human Centipede: First SequenceWe Are Still Here

Gone November 16Cristela: Season 1Dream HouseJoan Rivers: Don’t Start with MeThe Break-Up Gone November 17Reggie Yates Outside Man: Volume 2Somewhere Only We Know Gone November 22The Warlords

Gone November 25Gringolandia: Seasons 1-3

Gone November 30HatchedLegends: Seasons 1-2The Gambler

For more unofficial titles leaving the site, visit What’s On Netflix[9].

Look up a title on[10] or[11] to see if it’s still streaming on another service.


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