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Flexifoil 3.3m2/3.1m Wide Sting 4-Line Power Kite with 90 Day Money Back Guarantee! By World Record Winning Power Kite Designer – Safe, Reliable and Durable Family Orientated Power Kiting, Kite Training and Introductory Traction Kiting – Cheap Price

Here’s Why 4,358 People From 96 Countries Have Bought The Sting And Why More Than 380,000 People Have Chosen Flexifoil Kites Since We Invented Power Kiting in 1972, by Anthony Van Dort, CEO, Flexifoil International. In 2012, Sir Richard Branson chose Flexifoil to design the kites which powered his family, friends and himself from England to France and in so doing, achieve 3 world records. A survey completed by 1485 kiting enthusiasts reported quality as their number one priority when buying a kite. It is little surprise considering the number of reviews one reads online about lines breaking, straps snapping, lines fraying, kites tearing on minor impact and kites stalling to name just a few! Flexifoil kites perform well in the lightest of winds and they are safe, reliable, strong. Flexifoil is a highly trustworthy premium brand – the absolute market leader in superior quality power kites. The Sting is a 3.1m 4-line kite. The ideal kite for those who just want to get out and have fun. It is also the perfect kite for beginners because it is easy to control, particularly as the rear two lines act as brakes. It is also a very safe kite. Perfect for all aged 14 and upwards – although we highly recommend adult supervision of youngsters just in case a strong gust comes through. And while 4,358 people have already bought the Sting from Flexifoil, to give you absolute confidence in your purchase, we make you a promise by way of a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. You buy a Sting from Flexifoil here on Amazon for just £144.99, you’ll fly it and we’re certain you’ll love it – but – if you’re in any way unhappy with your purchase, then we will give you all your money back within 90 days of your purchase – guaranteed!

  • A cool looking kite stored in a stylish bag. Perfect for all aged 14+. A kite which will bring endless hours of enjoyment and will certainly make anyone who flys it, happy and bring smiles to their faces.
  • The perfect introductory kite to 4-line powerkiting. A quick yet stable kite which will certainly help towards keeping you fit and healthy in a really fun way. Would make a unique and ideal gift with the added benefit of Flexifoil’s 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Flexifoil kitesurfing kites were the kites of choice by Virgin Founder, Sir Richard Branson, when he and his family achieved three kiteboarding world records in 2012.
  • The Flexifoil 3.1m Sting 4-Line Power Kite is the largest version of the three Sting family kites. The kite is super-easy and safe-to-fly, with 18m colour-coded flying lines to ensure a convenient set-up and pack-down. The kite, flying lines and handles fit neatly into a high quality bespoke designed carry bag with handle and draw cord closure. When packed away, the carry bag measures 45x25x15cm so can easily be stored in the boot of the car, in the cupboard under the stairs, in the top of the wardrobe and fits neatly into your suitcase.
  • Was £195 and now just £144.99, the Sting 2.6m kite is incredible value for money given how reliable and durable the kite is. Even Flexifoil kites sold in 1972 still fly today like they did when they were first flown. The kite, flying lines and handles are very strong. The material doesn’t stretch so the performance of the kite always remains unparalleled. A great deal of care and effort goes in to the manufacture of the kite and the quality control to ensure you are delivered a first-class product is unrivaled.

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Baby Boy Piggy Bank Money Box Bank Baby Shower Gift – Blue – Cheap Price

Introduction. Baby girl/boy Money Box. Product Features: � Occasion: Baby Showers & Baptisms – Christenings – Confirmation Favours � Dimensions: Measures, 12cm x 14cm x 11cm

  • Occasion: Baby Showers & Baptisms – Christenings – Confirmation Favours
  • Dimensions: Measures, 12cm x 14cm x 11cm

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Large ‘Sales Up Chart’ Clear Money Box / Piggy Bank (MB00058150) – Price Drop


Original design by Andrew Craven.

A 12.5cm money box made out of clear acrylic and featuring a design from one of our talented designers. Please note that the ‘large’ in the title is in comparison to the smaller money boxes that we offer. The box itself is 126mm on each side, with a 35mm x 5mm slot, so please be sure it’s suitable for you. Smaller money boxes are available.

The design is printed on all four sides. The bottom is flat and the top has a slot for coins. The acrylic is crystal clear and you’ll be able to see all your pennies inside as you fill up the box. In our view, it looks better than the image shown – it’s very hard to get a good picture of transparent items.

The money box requires assembly before use, but this is simple enough – it’s only got six pieces. No tools or glue required either.

Once put together, this money box is a solid piece of kit and quite robust. As there’s no rubber bung on the bottom it won’t give up the money inside easily. Taking it apart will require a grown up and may involve some rude words, so cover the ears of any nearby children. You’ll almost certainly need a new money box afterwards.

  • 12.5cm clear money box.
  • Made from clear, durable acrylic.
  • Printed on four sides with a beautiful design.
  • Requires assembly before use – no glue or tools needed.

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