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Everything Coming to Amazon Video in December

Amazon Video[1] is giving viewers a huge gift for the holidays–it will have the Doctor Who Christmas Special days before it usually airs on the BBC. As a Doctor Who fan, I’m thankful but it’s not the only present I’m getting from Amazon. My favorite movie of all time, Moonstruck, comes back to the streaming service[2] this month, too.

Its complex family relationships really might speak to you this time of year.

Whether you’re hiding out from your family or are just too full from holiday sweets to move, there are lots of movies and TV shows to spend time with on Amazon Video this month; check out a some standouts and the full list below.

Doctor Who Christmas Special–Dec.


The Doctor Who Christmas Special airing before Christmas is as close as it’s every going to come to Christmas actually coming early. The special traditionally airs on Christmas but Amazon has it days early. Every special is emotional but this one promises to be more so, with the Twelfth Doctor encountering the First Doctor before he becomes the Thirteenth Doctor (and a woman!).

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I could endlessly quote this movie to you or you could watch it yourself. Basically that’s a threat but also it would be on par with the emotional hostage-taking that the Brooklyn Italian family the Castornis specialize in. This movie is charming any time of year but especially at the holidays since it features New York during that season, which is when it looks its best.

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Rocky I – V–Dec.


You probably have days off this holiday season. Use one of them to have a Rocky marathon. The first five movies in the series all come to the streaming service on the first day of the month.

Having watched many of them far more than once, I will say that Rocky and Rocky II are by far the best ones. Rocky III and Rocky IV are eh. Rocky V is truly awful in the way Godfather III is awful.

Rocky Balboa is as good as the first two but alas it is not available with Prime (though you can rent it on Amazon if you are a completist).

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New to Amazon Video in December

December 1Apocalypse NowAt Close RangeBasic Instinct 2BloodsportBrothers GrimmBuffalo 66Child’s PlayDr. StrangeGremlins 2: The New BatchHammettHannibalHitchHulk Vs.In & OutIn Enemy HandsLight SleeperMeet Wally SparksMoonstruckNext Avengers: Heroes of TomorrowPlanet HulkPoint BreakRockyRocky IIRocky IIIRocky IVRocky VSearching for Bobby FischerSilenceStigmataThe Final CutThe Heartbreak KidThe Invincible Iron ManThe Silence of the LambsThe Weight of WaterThor Animated Movie: Tales of AsgardTitanicUltimate Avengers: The MovieUltimate Avengers IIWristcutters: A Love Story December 3Class: Season 1

December 4The Royals: Season 3 December 7AftershockGun ShyThursday Night Football: Saints vs. Falcons

December 8Crank 2: High VoltageThe Grand Tour: Season 2 December 9It Comes at Night December 10NightcrawlerRosewater

December 12Foreman December 14Thursday Night Football: Broncos vs. Colts

December 15Jean Claude Van Johnson: Season 1 December 18Doctor Who Christmas Special December 21Humans: Season 2Woodshock

December 22Monster Trucks December 23Anne of Green Gables: Season 2Banksy Does New YorkSomeone Marry BarryTeen Wolf: Season 6 December 25Thursday Night Football: Steelers vs.

Texans December 28Anjelah Johnson: Mahalo & Goodnight December 29Rings

December 31Brawl in Cell Block 99Solacets


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Autumn Budget 2017: stamp duty and building reforms shake up housing sector

Housing took centre stage in today’s Autumn Budget, with Chancellor Philip Hammond announcing the abolition of stamp duty for most first-time buyers and major house-building reforms. Mr Hammond said that while there is no ‘magic bullet’ to solve the housing affordability crisis, a series of planning reforms could kickstart construction of a record number of new homes. Elsewhere, Mr Hammond announced a consultation into how longer tenancies in the private rented sector could work.

Stamp duty to be abolished for first-time buyers

The chancellor announced that from today, stamp duty[1] for first-time buyers purchasing homes priced up to GBP300,000 will be abolished.

If you buy a property for between GBP300,000 and GBP500,000, the relief will apply on the first GBP300,000. Properties bought for more than GBP500,000 won’t be affected by the changes. The government believes 95% of first-time buyers will benefit up to a maximum of GBP5,000, and 80% of first-time buyers will pay no stamp duty at all.

300,000 new homes a year by mid-2020s

The government aims to deliver 300,000 new homes[2] a year by the mid-2020s through a combination of land reforms and funding packages.

Mr Hammond has pledged a total of GBP44bn of funding, loans and guarantees to increase building outputs. Currently, 270,000 properties with planning permission are sitting un-built in London alone – so Mr Hammond announced an urgent review into how homes are delivered and why permissions are not being acted upon. Where local authorities are unduly delaying, the government confirmed it was prepared to intervene.

Consultation on longer-term tenancies

The prospect of bringing in longer-term tenancies in the private rented sector[3] has long been proposed as a way of offering greater security for tenants.

Mr Hammond has now announced a consultation will be launched in to how this could work in the future, including how tenants who wanted longer leases could be given that option.

Unoccupied properties face higher council tax bills

The government is also keen to end the trend of high numbers of homes being left unoccupied.

To encourage empty properties to be brought back into use, local councils will be able to increase their council tax premiums[4] from 50% to 100% on vacant homes.


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Replacement Large Fryer Basket for Falcon 400 Series Single and Twin Tank Gas and Electric Commercial Catering Deep Fat Frying – Fits G401F G402F E401F E402F E421F E422F and Infinity G2845F G2844F

LARGE Replacement Falcon Commercial Heavy Duty Rectangular Chip Fish Deep Fat Fryer Basket with Non-Slip Handle

This is a large frying basket suitable for FALCON 400 and Infinity Series Gas and Electric Fryers Models

  • G401F – Gas, single pan, twin basket, manual controls
  • G402F – Gas, single pan, twin basket, programmable
  • E401F – Electric, single pan, twin basket, manual controls
  • E402F – Electric, single pan, twin basket, programmable
  • E421F – Electric, twin pan, twin basket, manual controls
  • E422F – Electric, twin pan, twin basket, programmable
  • G2844F – Gas, FALCON Infinity Series
  • G2845F – Gas, FALCON Infinity Series

Size: 440mm L x 140mm W x 150mm H

Stock Item Number: EZ00324-B01

  • Replacement Frying Basket for Falcon Gas & Electric Catering Fryers
  • Suitable for various fryer brands and models
  • Ideal for frying chips, fish, sausages, samosas and many other deep fried foods
  • Non-Slip Handle
  • Size: 440mm L x 140mm W x 150mm H

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