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Mobile World Congress 2015: Sony and Microsoft’s mid-range Smartphones and …

MWC 2012Events as they unfolded at the MWC 2012 CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons]

The Mobile World Congress 2015 became the most awaited show right after the Consumer Electronics Show.

It might even be dubbed as a mid-range phone finder s paradise. There are dozens of phones from manufacturers Samsung, Sony, and Nokia, each having a price tag lower than that of the pricier alternatives of the said manufacturers. We have phones from them that are targeted at the budget smartphone user, and that might just be the keyword to sum up what has been seen at the MWC 2015 budget, yet quality, smartphones.

Here we take a look at this BBC News1 article which clearly shows some budget phones coming from Sony and Microsoft Nokia.

It s an interesting time for Nokia, what with these phones carrying the Microsoft name instead of Nokia. Sony, meanwhile, debuts their budget smartphone line. That s not all that happened at the MWC, however this article from The Guardian2 shows us quite a few more events that might as well have been awaited as well.

Sony, Microsoft flashes mid-range lines

Sony and Microsoft took the Mobile World Congress stage this year to showcase their mid-range phones.

Sony and Microsoft s biggest phones, the Lumia and the Xperia lines, both have mid-range phones contained in their respective series of phones, as per BBC.

As per the report, Microsoft is waiting for the Windows 10 to become more effective before showing a new flagship, while Sony is taking the time to introduce the Xperia M4 Aqua, an answer to people clamoring for a waterproof phone that is at a lower price than the Xperia s Z series.

It s nice to hear how manufacturers aren t forgetting what could be one of their largest customer bases. As it was said in the BBC article, it s harder to get customers at the high range that at the mid. A re-shifting of focus for the MWC 2015 will be good for these manufacturers.

Five more Highlights to Look Out for

Developers Sony and Microsoft aren t the only things to look out for at the MWC.

Innovation City, 4YFN, App Planet, the various Wearables to come out and Keynotes and Sessions are some of the events to look out for, as per The Guardian.

Innovation City and 4YFN focuses on the future, while App Planet appears to be focusing on apps that are innovative in nature. Wearables obviously dwells on the smartwatch and brand-new accessories coming this year, while the sessions are something to look out for, if you want to know what will come out next year.

There are a lot of events to look out for in this year s MWC. You can t go to all of them, though, so it s better if you take in two or three of them at a time.

What to expect at the MWC 2015

As Microsoft and Sony appear to have shown this year, the Mobile World Congress should be a haven for budget hunters.

Most of the phones in here are mid-priced although they are by no means lesser phones to the various flagships these manufacturers have.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons3


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