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10 household products with price tags that you won’t believe

28 April 2016

10 Household Products With Price Tags That You Won't Believe

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer ( 299), available from June

Would you pay hundreds of pounds for a hairdryer, or thousands for a pushchair? As our roundup of 10 eye-wateringly expensive appliances shows, there are plenty of companies out there who clearly think there’s a market for products that cost an arm and a leg.

Some of these products give premium performance to go with the premium price tag but some are just average and one is genuinely poor, even when compared to alternatives which cost a tenth of the price. Have a look at our reviews to find out which of these products are Best Buys and which are duds.

1. The 299 hair dryer

Dyson made its first foray into beauty products with the launch of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer this week. Dyson says that its motor is eight times faster and twice as light as other hair dryer motors. At this price, it’ll need to be truly exceptional to tempt prospective buyers, especially as you can buy a Best Buy hair dryer1 for less than 40. Read our story on the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer2 for everything you need to know about this hair dryer.

2. The 270 Kindle

Amazon has poured on the superlatives for its newly-launched Kindle Oasis – it promises to be the thinnest and lightest Kindle ever, along with having the longest battery life and the highest resolution. You’d want it to, given that you can buy four standard Kindles for the price of the Oasis and still have 30 left over to spend on e-books. We haven’t yet had the chance to test and review the Kindle Oasis – which is available to buy from 1st June – so take a look at our existing reviews of the Amazon Kindle and other ebook readers3.

3. The 189 kettle

With multiple temperatures, a digital display, and a clock so you can program it to boil when you want, it looks like the designers of the Bugatti Vera kettle have thought of everything. But given that it’s mainly just going to be used for making simple cups of tea – something most 10 supermarket kettles can do perfectly well – is there any justification for spending this much on a kettle? Our Bugatti Vera kettle review4 has the answer.

4. The 24,999 TV

The LG 77EC980V5 comes with a whopping 77″ screen to match its whopping price tag. That makes it almost as big as Michael Jordan, but unless you’re sitting miles away from the screen, you aren’t likely to see the benefit, as our guide to TV screen sizes6 explains.

10 Household Products With Price Tags That You Won't Believe

The Silver Cross Aston Martin pushchair can be yours for a mere 3,000

5. The 3,000 pushchair

The Silver Cross Surf Aston Martin7 is a bargain at 3k – if you compare it to the cost of an actual Aston Martin. But even James Bond might wonder if the famous name makes it worth paying more than double the cost of other high-end pushchairs. We haven’t tested this pushchair itself, but we have tested the Silver Cross Surf 28, which it’s based on (and which costs a slightly less eye-watering 550).

6. The 270 shredder

The Fellowes Powershred 450Ms9 is more than twice as expensive as any other shredder we’ve tested. On the surface, it’s difficult to see why, as it doesn’t have any features that can’t be found on shredders around the 100 mark. So is it down to performance? Take a look at our shredder reviews10 to find out how the Powershred compares with its rivals.

7. The 499 cordless vacuum cleaner

Dyson cordless vacs tend to be among the most expensive you can buy, but the British firm has outdone itself with the new Dyson V811, which comes in 449 and 499 versions. Check out our list of the best cordless vacuum cleaners12 – some of which cost under 200.

8. The 400 juicer

The Green Star GS200013 twin-gear masticating juicer says it will juice hard roots, fibrous stalks and even the toughest leafy greens, and when it comes to fruit will give a high juice yield. Find out if it really excels by checking out our juicer reviews14. Amazingly, this isn’t even the most expensive juicer out there – the Juicero15, currently only available in California, costs a cool 490.

9. The 1,669 fridge freezer

The Smeg FAB50PS16 looks pretty stylish and holds a lot of food – it’s got a hefty 342 litre storage capacity across its fridge and freezer sections – but it doesn’t have any features that you can’t find on other fridge freezers. So is it exceptional performance that you’re shelling out all that cash for? Check out our fridge freezer reviews17 to find out.

10. The 700 robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners tend to be on the pricey side, but the Samsung Powerbot VR900 has taken things to a new level. This Roomba rival seems to be appealing to your inner Homer Simpson, as it includes a light beam pointer on the remote, so you can highlight where you want the robot to go without having to get up from your comfy sofa. Find out what our researcher thought of the Samsung Powerbot VR90018 when they took this robot vac home.

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