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Android Marshmallow update: Stamina mode to return to Android M Xperias

Android Marshmallow Update: Stamina Mode To Return To Android M Xperias

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When Sony Mobile rolled out the Android M update to some of its Xperia flagships, the new platform replaced1 the device’s onboard Stamina mode with the new Doze mode, since they basically have the same function. However, fans have clamored for the effective power-saving feature of the Sony Xperia flagships to return, and Sony Mobile heeded the call. According to a post2 on the Xperia blog, Sony Mobile will re-install the Stamina mode to Xperia flagships running Android Marshmallow. Reportedly, the development is already confirmed by Sony developers working on the Android beta program. However, there is no specific date for the update release yet, but it should come out soon as the developers promised, “We don’t have a release schedule yet, but the feature will be definitely available for members of the Xperia Beta Program in the near future.”

The call for the return of Sony Mobile’s integrated battery-saving feature came from fans themselves. Apparently, although the Doze mode that features in the new Android Marshmallow works the same way with the Xperia Stamina mode, tests have revealed that the Stamina mode from Sony Xperia flagships running the previous Android Lollipop version makes the devices last longer, when compared against Xperias running Android Marshmallow with Doze mode onboard.

TechTimes3 said that Sony Mobile will have to somehow tweak the new Stamina mode for Android M Xperias, since it will have to work side-by-side with the Doze mode from Google. This means that the new update will have a staggered release, as it can be expected that Sony will have to field test the new firmware first via a beta release to selected handsets in order to iron out the kinks.

Currently, only some flagships on the Xperia Z-series have received the Android Marshmallow update, and the selection consists of both initial and final beta releases.

Sony Mobile flagships that already have Android M via the Android Concept program include the Xperia Z5; Xperia Z4 tablet; the Xperia Z3+ and Z3 family; and the Xperia Z2.



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