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AT&T Discounts BlackBerry Priv Too

AT&T Discounts BlackBerry Priv Too

BlackBerry handsets don t really fly off the shelves like they used to in the past even though the company tried to revive sales by launching its first Android-powered smartphone. To try and push the device it recently announced a permanent price cut for the BlackBerry Priv1, however, that was only for the unlocked off-contract model. AT&T has followed in its footsteps by also cutting the price of the BlackBerry Priv. When it announced the price cut BlackBerry said that it had made the decision to cut the price so that as many people as possible could acquire its first Android smartphone. It reduced the off-contract unlocked price from $699 to $649. The price cut didn t apply to carrier-branded versions of the handset.

AT&T has taken the initiative on its own to cut the BlackBerry Priv off-contract price by $60 and it s now selling the handset for $639. Its price cut makes the handset cheaper on AT&T than purchasing on BlackBerry, the only caveat here is that customers are locked to one carrier. Customers who are in the market for a BlackBerry Priv and happen to be based in the United States now have a good choice on their handsets. If they want to put all the money down and not be tied to a single carrier, they can pick up the discounted handset from BlackBerry itself, if they don t mind using AT&T then they can save an extra $102 by picking up the Priv from the country s second largest mobile network.

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