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‘Best dishwasher we’ve ever tested’

27 April 2016

'Best Dishwasher We've Ever Tested'

The best dishwashers are easy to use, regardless of fancy features

Our latest dishwasher reviews feature models from brands AEG, Beko, Blomberg and Siemens, as well as own-brand models from John Lewis.

Many boast fancy-sounding features. Some detect how large and how dirty your dishwasher load is, and adjust the water level accordingly. Some have a delicate setting, to protect glassware from temperature shocks. The Blomberg LDVN2284 has a Super Gloss function ideal if you’re very house proud, and love your dishes to look bright and shiny. The Siemens SN678D00TG/06 claims to use Zeolith technology that is, the mineral Zeolite to convert moisture into energy. We’re told that makes for faster and more energy-efficient drying.

But regardless of fancy features, our new top Best Buy dishwasher1 excelled at exactly what a dishwasher should do: cleaning and drying plates and cutlery. It even succeeds at drying plastics something many a dishwasher struggles with and it doesn’t leave ugly watermarks. It’s also easy to use and efficient with water and energy.

Best Buy dishwashers

If our top Best Buy dishwasher isn’t right for your budget or space, two other new Best Buys emerged in our latest reviews. They’ll leave your dishes ready to go straight back in the cupboard, without you needing to rinse or dry them yourself. A few other dishwashers we just tested showed promise, but lost marks for being difficult or load or program, or for making a racket.

Curious to know which machines we’re talking about? Head to our dishwasher reviews. 2

'Best Dishwasher We've Ever Tested'

Our new Best Buy dishwashers will get your dishes, cutlery and glasses sparklingly clean

Latest dishwashers on test

Follow the links below to read our full reviews and see current prices

Full-sized, fully-integrated dishwashers

AEG F34300V103

Blomberg LDVN22844

John Lewis JLBIDW12055

Siemens SN66L080GB/366

Siemens SN678D00TG/067

Full-sized, free-standing models

Beko DFN05X10W8

Beko DFN28R30X9

Slimline, fully-integrated dishwashers

John Lewis JLBIDW90210

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