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Blackberry destroys two patents by troll under ALICE

Blackberry destroys two patents by troll under ALICE
28 April 2016 | Dallas | Reporter: Tammy Facey

Blackberry has nixed two email patents asserted by a patent troll, after a Texas court sided with the mobile company, and deemed the patents as abstract under Alice.

Judge Barbara Lynn of the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas, held in a bench ruling on 27 April that two patents asserted by Mobile Telecommunications Technologies (MTEL) are invalid for pertaining to abstract matter.

MTEL sued Research in Motion in 2012, alleging that it infringed on five of its patents, including two patents concerning email technology through its Blackberry server.

MTEL sought an injunction against Blackberry s continued use of the technologies, and pay an enhanced damages fee including its attorneys fees.

Under the Supreme Court s 2014 Alice decision, patent claims that concern abstract matter are not patent-eligible.

RIM sought to prove that the patents asserted by MTEL were abstract under the Alice decision.

Judge Lynn sided with Blackberry on Wednesday.

Cases are still pending against Microsoft, Google and which MTEL accused of infringing the same patents.

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