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BlackBerry Priv Is Now $100 Cheaper for AT&T Customers

BlackBerry launched Priv its first Android smartphone at a very high price tag. However, there is good news for the Priv fans, who use AT&T as their carrier. The company has decided to lower the device s price by $100, according to GSMArena1. The smartphone is now available for $639.99, compared to its previous price of $739.99. In addition to this, those, who wish to pay via AT&T s installment plan, will have to pay $21.34 for the next 30 months.

The mobile communications and services provider came under fire last month, when tech giants, such as Facebook, announced that their native app will not support the BlackBerry operating system (BBOS) in the coming months. The social media giant recently mentioned it will design a web-based version of its app for BlackBerry users to use social networking website; however, it will most likely be slower compared to the app itself. It was reported last week that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has the company s encryption key since 2010. This shows that the RCMP can read users messages sent via BlackBerry devices. This report will have a significant impact on the company s user base, since users will now hesitate to buy its smartphones.

Tech giants, which include Samsung and Apple, pose a serious threat to BlackBerry. A major reason is that the Canadian smartphone manufacturer failed to compete against other market players in the smartphone space, due to its lack of innovative approach in terms of offerings. The company is also experiencing a decline in the sale of its smartphones. BlackBerry, in an attempt to retain its position in the tech space, also recently reduced Priv s price by $50 in a bid to boost sales, which was not quite successful. However, if BlackBerry wants to wants to increase sales and entice more users to join its platform, it has to improve its pricing strategy.

The company should also focus on improving its marketing strategy to create awareness about its devices among the users.

Editing by Haseem uz Zaman; Graphics by Waqas Khan


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