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Codeproof Launches Enterprise Mobile Security Software For LG Mobile

Codeproof Launches Enterprise Mobile Security Software For LG Mobile

A cloud-based enterprise mobile security solution designed to address the unique cyber threats facing LG mobile devices at the workplace.

Bellevue, WA (PRWEB) April 20, 2016

Codeproof Technologies1, a leading cloud-based enterprise mobility security solutions provider announces the availability of exclusive LG enterprise mobile security capabilities within the Codeproof platform. Codeproof partnered with LG Mobile to integrate LG Android within its enterprise mobile security platform. The Codeproof cloud-based solution can now be used to remotely secure and manage all LG devices connected to your corporate network. Codeproof offers SaaS enterprise mobile security software to small and mid-sized enterprises2 globally. Codeproof is committed to empowering businesses with convenient and reliable mobile security and management capabilities. The extension of Codeproof device management and security functionality exclusively for LG devices marks a new era for brand-specific mobile security in the enterprise market segment. With this technology, businesses can easily secure, deploy and manage mobile applications and corporate data on various mobile and IoT devices.

“Over the years, LG has developed a powerful enterprise mobile device security stack for LG Android, and Codeproof has extended this capability by adding a cloud based central management platform, said founder and CEO Satish Shetty.

With this release, mobile enterprises can now provision and remotely manage the entire line of LG smartphones and tablet devices from the centralized cloud platform.

“LG s embedded security software called LG GATE – Guarded Access to Enterprise – has extremely powerful security, unparalleled simplicity, and offers a seamless mobile work environment,” said Michael Lombardo, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, LG Electronics MobileComm U.S.A., Inc. “The offering is valuable for employees, who get a fluid, easy-to-use smartphone experience while companies and IT managers get peace of mind.”

Codeproof Mobile Security for LG supports following:

1. App Management – Silent application installation, un-installation and reporting.

2. Configuration Management – Remotely configure WiFi, Email and VPN services.

3. Mobile Kiosk Management – Disable QSlide, split screen, etc. and run a single app on the device. Customize kiosk screen with branding and company logo.

4. Application Whitelisting/Blacklisting – Allow only admin-specified apps on all enrolled devices. Centrally manage allow/block list from the cloud.

5. Advanced MDM tools – Remotely locate missing devices, lock devices, wipe data and detect jailbroken and rooted devices.


Secure Browsing – Admin controlled Web access. Centrally manage allow/block rules for Web browsing.

7. Inventory Management – Device inventory reports, application inventory reports and more.

8. Security Management – Central dashboard, security compliance report and admin alerts.

9. Cloud powered – The entire platform runs on the cloud. The solution is highly scalable, reliable and secure.

10. MDM API Extend the management platform using our device management APIs.

More information about LG Mobile Security is here3. LG GATE provides powerful capabilities with over 400 API s to enable complete mobile device management and security control. With government-grade security and connectivity solutions, LG GATE provides a safe and sound mobile work environment.

Codeproof Launches Enterprise Mobile Security Software For LG Mobile


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