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Edu Science 900X Macro View Microscope Complete Kit

Edu Science 900X Macro View Microscope Complete Kit

  • 150 / 600 / 900x Magnification
  • View Solid objects and slides
  • Includes storage /travel case
  • Includes AC adaptor

900x Zoom Microscope Set in Hand Carrying Case. This Microscope Set by EDU Science is sure to fascinate all young children once they learn the rudimentaries of micro-science. With a precision zoom optical lense you can zoom between right up to 900x; then with all the accessories included, you can document, label, store the samples – even project findings onto a wall or screen. Comes with an instruction manua Micro Data Bank® ● Micro Slicer® ● (12) Blank Slides ● (12) Cover Glasses ● (12) Statical Slide Covers ● (12) Blank Labels ● Petri Dish with Magnifier® ● (2) 10mL Graduated Cylinders ● (4) Collecting Vials ● Tweezers ● Needle ● Scalpel ● Stirring Rod ● Condenser Lens Cap ● Spare Bulb ● Instruction Manual For ages 8 years + EDU-SCIENCE is one of the leading companies in educational toys with over 15 years of experience. Our toy ranges include Optical Science, Aviation Science, Science Kits, Education and Electronic. EDU-SCIENCE is committed to pursuing knowledge for children and adults – adding value to a healthy lifestyle. We are accredited with ISO 9001:2000 World Quality Standards and are truly ethically, socially and environmentally accountable.900x Total Magnification; 15/60/90x Objective Lens Magnification; Precision Optics, Glass Lenses; Die-cast Base; Dual Power Operation; Includes AC Adaptor.

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