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Former Moto chief to run Google’s new hardware unit

Former Moto Chief To Run Google's New Hardware Unit

Rick Osterloh, who stepped down as head1 of Lenovo s Motorola Mobility unit last month, will join Google as senior vice president, in charge of a new hardware division, Re/code reported. Google will bring several of its hardware efforts under one division, such as its Nexus devices, consumer hardware such as the Chromebook and Chromecast, and a suite of products called the living room which the report said shows Google s priority on owning that space . Project Aura, the team developing the new Google Glass, will also come under Osterloh, with Nest CEO Tony Fadell, who was in charge of the project, staying on as an adviser.

With the Nexus devices, Osterloh will manage hardware development and partnerships with manufacturers, working with Android SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer, who will focus on software and platform development. Google s Advanced Technology and Projects group, which is working on modular phones among other things and was run by Regina Dugan, who left for Facebook earlier this month, will also come under the new department. Driverless cars, drones and virtual reality, however, will not.

Osterloh previously worked for Google, when the search giant owned Motorola, which was bought by Lenovo2 in 2014.


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