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HTC 10: Australian pricing revealed

HTC 10: Australian Pricing Revealed

HTC has announced how much you ll pay for the HTC 10 when it launches next week. Here’s how it compares against the other premium Android smartphones.

The HTC 10 is HTC s play for the premium space in 20161, losing the “One” moniker that had defined the company s previous premium handsets such as the One M8 and One M9,. (HTC will still use that branding in other devices, or subtly via HTC-produced phones such as the Telstra Signature Premium2.)

HTC announced the HTC 10 back on 12 April3, but declined to specify exact pricing until now. HTC s premium phone will cost $1,099 outright when it goes on sale next week. It will also be available on contract via Telstra, Vodafone, Optus and Virgin Mobile all set to offer the phone; we ll update once their full plan pricing is available. So how does that compare against the other “premium” handsets in the market right now?

You can pay a little less via direct import, and discounting is quite rife on the Android side of the fence, although a little less common from official Apple channels,.

Here s how the recommended prices of 2016 s premium handsets compare:

Handset Suggested Price Apple iPhone 6s Plus 128GB4 $1,529 Apple iPhone 6s 128GB5 $1,379 Apple iPhone 6s Plus 64GB6 $1,379 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB7 $1,249.05 Apple iPhone 6s 64GB8 $1,229 Apple iPhone 6s Plus 16GB9 $1,229 Sony Xperia Z5 Premium10 $1,199 Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB11 $1,148.95 HTC 10 32GB12 $1,099 LG G5 32GB13 $1,099 Huawei Nexus 6P 128GB14 $1,099 Apple iPhone 6s 16GB15 $1,079


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