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HTC 10 pre-orders hitting Verizon on April 29 with in-store previews

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HTC 10 Pre-orders Hitting Verizon On April 29 With In-store Previews

HTC is already offering customers the option to order its new phone directly from the company online1, but later this month Verizon will get in on the action too. The carrier said it plans to open up HTC 102 pre-orders starting on April 29, along with exclusive in-store previews. For most people, this will be the first opportunity to check out the HTC 10 in person. Verizon didn t reveal how much it will charge for the device or when it will actually ship, but that information should be coming soon. We still don t know when Sprint or T-Mobile will open pre-orders, and AT&T already confirmed3 it won t be selling the phone at all.

The HTC 10 is a pretty stellar device, representing a return to form for the Taiwanese company. It packs all the cutting edge hardware you could want, including a 5.2-inch Quad HD display, a Snapdragon 820 processor, solid battery life, great cameras and a refined take on Google s Android OS. It also boasts a sleek metal design with a sturdy build, though it s not water resistant like the Galaxy S7. If you re already convinced and ready to grab the HTC 10 from Verizon, go ahead and set a reminder to place your pre-order on April 29. If you re still not sure, you can always try the phone for yourself later this month at one of the carrier s stores.


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