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HTC 10 UK availability from high-street retailers

The general consensus is that the HTC 10 is an impressive handset when compared to its two previous versions, not only in terms of specs, but also its lovely metal design as well. We do hope that HTC have finally gotten the right balance and that their new model will be a huge hit, because it s very important for this latest version to do very well. As with most major flagship phone releases there will be one question on people s minds in the UK, and that is where can they buy the HTC 10 from?

HTC One UK availability from high-street retailers The major UK retailers and phone networks have already started to offer details in regards to this upcoming handset, and so we thought we would offer you a round-up of that information to make life a little easier for you. The most popular retail store in the UK would be Carphone Warehouse, and they have already confirmed that pre-orders are now live and ready to be released on May 6. You can either choose a SIM free version for 569, and monthly plans begin from just 40 per month.

HTC 10 UK Availability From High-street Retailers

EE will also be selling the HTC 10, although they have yet to offer any pricing details, the same goes for O2. Three HTC 10 pre-orders are also live in-store and online where you can pay an up-front cost of 49 and then just pay 38 per month for unlimited calls and texts, but with 1GB of data. If you want to upgrade this to unlimited data, that price will be 57 per month. What shocks us the most is that Vodafone will not be offering the HTC 10 to their customers, although we hope to see this change in the coming weeks. This is especially strange seeing as though the likes of Tesco Mobile are to also stock the upcoming flagship handset from HTC.

Prices will start from 35.50 per month with 1GB of data.

However, if you already have a contract running, but just wish to upgrade to a new phone, then you could always purchase the HTC 10 SIM-FREE direct from HTC online for 512.99, but only once you have entered the code HTC10 to get 10 per cent off, otherwise the full price is 569.99 but please hurry seeing as though this is a limited offer.

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