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HTC Nexus devices codenamed "M1" S1"

HTC Nexus Devices Codenamed "M1" S1"

Upon seeing the HTC 10, many people wished the device or one like it would be released by Google as a Nexus device. While that s unlikely to happen, a new report from multiple sources claims HTC is indeed working with Google to release two new phones later this year. Here s what Evan Blass had to say:

HTC is building a pair of Android N devices for Google internally dubbed M1 and S1 #nexus1

Evan Blass (@evleaks) April 27, 20162

Corroborating the rumor is Android Police, which says HTC is building two phones for the search giant, internally known as Marlin and Sailfish. There aren t many details beyond the names no specs, no price, no release date but HTC fans will be happy to hear the company is working on something, and they re apparently not tablets. HTC has worked with Google before on the Nexus 9, but never for a mobile device.

Will this year be different? That appears to be the case; in fact, a report from last month claimed the Taiwanese company was building three different Nexus phones3, though it s unclear if all (or any) will be released. According to a previous report, one of the alleged HTC Nexus phones could sport a 3D Touch display4, along with what we d imagine will be some very impressive specs. Combine that with HTC s penchant for design, and you have a pretty exciting Nexus phone. Nexus devices don t typically hit until the end of the year, so we re still months away from release.

But with more and more rumors backing up claims that HTC has been bestowed the opportunity to build multiple Nexus devices, this year could truly be the year of HTC s comeback5.


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