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Lawsuits states Motorola violated its express warranty

Something must be really wrong with Motorola mobile division as the company continues to face different challenges.

Lawsuits States Motorola Violated Its Express Warranty

Georgia resident Douglas Lynch claims that Motorola took several months to replace his first gen Moto 360 smartwatch. And when the company finally did contact him regarding the replacement, they provided him with a lower-priced model. The complaint was filed on April 21 for unfair, unscrupulous, immoral, and oppressive business practices and claims that Motorola owes thousands of people compensation. The lawsuits state that Motorola violated its express warranty, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, and the Fair Business Act while also being unjustly enriched. As for a timeline of what happens now, TrustReviews says that all parties need to meet in court and a court needs to decide of there should be a jury trial.

If it doesn t go to trial, a resolution could still be worked out, but it could be months and months before anyone sees compensation, assuming they are entitled to any.

In the end, I think the important takeaway is that companies do need to be held accountable when they are drastically inconveniencing customers.

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