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Leaked Pictures of Sony Xperia C6 Surface Ahead of Surprise Launch

New leaked pictures suggest that Sony, the Japanese giant, is planning to release a Sony Xperia C model.

The phone could be the Xperia C6. Up until now, Sony has used the C series as a midrange phone that provided excellent self-portrait capabilities. This hallmark looks set to continue, as the leaked pictures suggest that the device could be having a 6-inch display coupled with mammoth front facing cameras. In addition, the front camera could also have a LED flash. Apple recently provided a makeshift flash on the iPhone 6S where the display makes up for the lack of a dedicated flash. The Xperia C6 already gets a boost in this aspect.

Sony announced a number of models during the Mobile World Congress 2016. However, the Xperia C6 was not part of those announcements. There have been rumors that the company is looking to focus only on high-end phones amidst falling sales and revenues. Since higher end models like the Xperia Z5 have struggled to compete with the iPhone despite having class leading build quality and specifications, the life cycle of the Sony midrange phones may continue.

Leaked Pictures Of Sony Xperia C6 Surface Ahead Of Surprise Launch

The Xperia C6 is likely to be the replacement for the Xperia C5 Ultra. The later boasted a 13-megapixel front facing camera along with LED flash. One cannot expect much improvements on this regard, although the larger camera suggests that the phone employs a larger sensor. The Xperia C5 Ultra came with f/2.2 while the latest model could even go down to f/1.8 for better night photography.

The 6 inch display on the Xperia C5 Ultra offered full HD resolution. This is unlikely to be bumped to 2K since it would harm the sales of the much more expensive Xperia Z5. Cost-cutting, though, is evident in aspects like the processor where the MediaTek chipset is once again set to continue. The bezels surrounding the large display, though, are expected to reduce even further. This may make for a cluster free viewing and one can experience this immersive display to its fullest since it will be backed by the latest generation of Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine. The Xperia C5 Ultra provided an internal memory of only 16 GB while it supported 200 GB of external storage.

It is also rumored that the Xperia C6 would come with dual SIM support to enhance its value further.

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