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Moto X 2016 may be more powerful than the HTC 10


Until now little was known about what Motorola had planned for its next flagship, but we might have just got our first real insight into its specs, thanks to a new benchmark. A GeekBench1 listing for the ‘Motorola XT1650’ was spotted by Phandroid2, and while it doesn’t make any specific mention of this being the Moto X 2016 it seems likely, given the flagship specs on show. According to the benchmark it has a Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB of RAM, which would put the phone in line with the likes of the HTC 103 and LG G54.

Its scores are strong too, recording a multi-core result of 5344, which puts it on par with the G5 (5386) and ahead of the HTC 10 (4962), but behind the Samsung Galaxy S75 (6542).

Still a mystery

The benchmark still leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions about the Moto X 2016, such as what camera it will have, as the only other leaks so far suggest the possibility of a fingerprint scanner6 and a metal build7. We should know more soon though, as the Moto X Style8 was announced in July 2015, so we’re probably not far off the Moto X 2016’s launch. In fact, Motorola is announcing something on June 99, though that something could just be the Moto G4.

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