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Motorola users slap company with $5 million lawsuit over poor warranty support

Motorola, Inc. is facing a $5 million lawsuit over poor warranty support for its customers. Main plaintiff Douglas Lynch hit the major telecommunications company with allegations towards violations of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and the Fair Business Practices Act among others.

According to Phone Arena1, Motorola issued an apology regarding the company’s poor customer support and sloppy business tactics. Many users complained that the Lenovo-owned company was not honoring warranty policies by either not following through with timely warranty placements or putting off repairs for several weeks. Like Us on Facebook2

Motorola revealed through a statement that one of their U.S. repair centers was plagued with delays and that they are working hard to resolve the issue. However, this did not stop frustrated customers from filing a class action lawsuit amounting to $5 million against the multinational telecommunications company.

According to Android Police3, the lawsuit’s main plaintiff is Georgia resident Douglas Lynch. Lynch claimed that the company took several months to replace his defective first-generation Moto 360 phone in 2015 despite being promised only a couple of days. After a series of back-and-forth correspondence, he was eventually sent a lower-end model after being told that the original one was no longer available. The new lawsuit filed on April 21 accused Motorola of using “unfair, unscrupulous, immoral, and oppressive” practices and claimed that the company owed “thousands” of users some compensation.

According to Digital Trends4, it alleged four claims including a violation of express warranty, a violation of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a violation of the Fair Business Practices Act and finally, unjust enrichment. The court filing also included additional sample complaints from other users. Motorola issued a statement regarding the matter on TrustReviews which stated that the company is aware of the lawsuit and is investigating its claims. It believes that the claims are without merit.


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