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New credit card Which? Recommended Providers

20 April 2016

New Credit Card Which? Recommended Providers

Four credit card companies have been named Which? Recommended Providers, following new Which? analysis.

To see which lenders stood out, we analysed 233 cards from 40 credit card providers to find which products offered:

  • the best 0% deals on balance transfers and purchases
  • the lowest interest rates
  • the best deals for helping customers build their credit rating
  • the lowest fees for spending abroad
  • the best cashback and loyalty rewards schemes.

In addition, we surveyed 5,191 credit card customers to find out which companies really delivered on service.

Which? Money Compare table: Credit cards1 – hundreds of deals compared

Which? Recommended Providers for credit cards

If you’re keen to learn more about any of the deals mentioned, we’ve also included links to Which? Money Compare, where you can find more details.

Virgin Money has been awarded WRP status for the first time ever, after gaining a 71% customer score (up from 58% in our previous survey last October). It offers a highly competitive 6.4% APR on its Low Rate card2 and one of the longest interest-free balance-transfer deals with its 40 Month Balance Transfer card3.

Post Office Money also made the cut after registering a customer score of 72%. It provides some of the top offers for spending overseas, interest-free purchase4 and balance-transfer5 deals. They join Nationwide Building Society and Saga, which have held WRP status for one and two years respectively.

Best credit cards for customer satisfaction

With a customer score of 81%, John Lewis retained the highest customer score in our credit card customer satisfaction survey. Particular praise was given to its customer service and the ease of managing its Partnership card online. However, the provider narrowly lost its WRP status after failing to feature among the top ten best deals in any of the categories we examined. The provider to perform poorest in our survey was Vanquis Bank, registering a customer score of 46% and rated by its customers as being particularly poor value for money.

Find out more: Best credit cards for customer satisfaction6 – see our survey results in full

Which credit card is for me?

Credit cards can help you manage your finances in different ways. If you can afford to clear your debt every month, rewards and cashback schemes can have value, awarding store discounts or rebates depending on how much you spend. If you don’t want to repay your debt in full each month, credit cards with 0% purchase deals can allow you to pay off your bill over a certain period without incurring any interest. Make sure you pay off your debt in full before the 0% period expires, when the interest rate on these cards will skyrocket.

The Which? Money Compare credit card tables7 let you search hundreds of cards from providers large and small to choose a great deal based on quality of service as well as cost and benefits.

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