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Samsung Galaxy S7 in white pearl is exclusive to EE

The Samsung Galaxy S71 has notched up some impressive sales, and now it’s available in another colour. The white pearl edition is exclusive to EE. You can pre-order it now from the EE website2, or in store. It will ship on May 6th that’s a week today. The S7 Edge is also available in the same colour, only on EE.

The Edge features a screen that curves down both edges of the handset, making it appear to cascade over the sides. The edges of the screen can show notifications and the like. For existing EE customers looking to upgrade, the 32GB white S7 is free on a 45.99-a-month contract. That gives you unlimited minutes and texts and 4GB of mobile data a month. It’s also 4G.

If you want more data, the phone costs 29.99 upfront on a 50.99-a-month contract, which gives you unlimited calls and texts and 20GB of data a month. Both contracts last 24 months. EE also offers 24.99 off the Samsung accessory bundle. This includes the Juice Wireless Charger, Samsung 32GB MicroSD Card and CAT Glass Screen Protector. It costs 59.98 with the discount.

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