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Sony Mobile Taiwan Refutes Xperia X Premium Rumors

Sony Mobile Taiwan Refutes Xperia X Premium RumorsWith Sony making the new Xperia X series1 of smartphones their new flagship range, we basically waved goodbye to the Xperia Z series. So far Sony has launched a trio of Xperia X handsets, but last we heard, there was one more handset that could be added to the mix in the form of the Xperia X Premium.

Word on the street was that the phone could sport a HDR display2, making it the first of its kind as far as smartphones are concerned. Unfortunately if you were hoping that the rumors would be true, you will be disappointed to learn that they aren t. According to a report from ePrice3 (via GSM Arena4), Sony Mobile Taiwan has reached out to them to refute said rumors. We re not sure why the refuting of the rumors is only coming from Sony Mobile Taiwan as we would have expected Sony Mobile US or other arms to have offered up the denial themselves, but either we guess there goes the rumor about a Xperia X Premium with a HDR display, although we admit that we would have liked to see such a device.

For those who are unfamiliar with HDR, it stands for High Dynamic Range and is often used in photography where a photo with different exposures are combined to offer up an even more vivid picture, which is more or less what a HDR display would have looked like, but we guess it s just not meant to be. Filed in Cellphones >Rumors56. Read more about Sony7.


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