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Sony Xperia C6 rumors: Alleged leak photos feature 6-inch display, front camera with LED flash

Sony Xperia C6 Rumors: Alleged Leak Photos Feature 6-inch Display, Front Camera With LED Flash(Reuters)

Rumors have it that Sony may be developing a new smartphone model dubbed Xperia C6 for the midrange market. According to reports1, alleged leaked photos of the device are circulating online recently, showing a possible massive 6-inch screen with full high definition display and very thin bezels surrounding it to make cluster-free viewing more immersive. Although the screen may unlikely2 be bumped to 2K capability due to possible cost-cutting, it may still be backed by the latest generation Sony Mobile BRAVIA engine. Moreover, the front camera is expected to have LED flash. The feature is said to be comparable to Apple’s flagship iPhone 6s where the display makes up for the lack of dedicated flash.

There are also hearsays3 that the upcoming gadget may replace the Xperia C5 Ultra with only some improvements when it comes to the front-facing lens that sport 13-megapixel capacity. The lens may have a larger sensor of f/1.8 than the previous f/2.2, to bring out better images even at low light condition and at night. Meanwhile, other rumored specifications include dual SIM support and a processing unit made by MediaTek that is believed4 to be currently on testing phase. The chipset specifically is predicted5 to be Helio P10 processor partnered with 2GB of RAM and 16GB built-in read-only memory that can be expanded via a microSD card slot. However, this remains to be seen if it comes to fruition.

The talks about Sony bringing a new offering on their Xperia C line started6 as early as February this year, when it was assumed that the company would be unveiling the phone during the annual Mobile World Congress. But it did not happen as the Japanese manufacturer announced the brand new Xperia X series instead, including X Performance, Xperia XA, and Xperia X. Since Sony has yet to announce any official detail regarding their touted Xperia C6, available information should be taken with a grain of salt.


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