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Sony Xperia X Premium rumors: Sony Mobile Taiwan debunks rumors

Sony Xperia X Premium Rumors: Sony Mobile Taiwan Debunks Rumors(Sony)A promotional image of Sony Xperia X

It seems that the long rumored and highly anticipated Sony Xperia X Premium smartphone which was rumored to sport a set of remarkable specs, mainly with the display may not be a real device after all, as Sony Mobile Taiwan debunked the rumors surrounding the purported existence of the device. Sony Mobile Taiwan recently gave a statement to local tech site ePrice.com1. According to the report, the local subsidiary of the tech giant debunked the rumors about an Xperia X Premium and said that the device is not real. However, it was still speculated that it could either be that a new device may be being developed but would not be called “Xperia X Premium” or Sony Mobile Taiwan may just be not updated on the plans of the company as a whole.

In the past few days, there had been reports pertaining to the alleged existence of a certain Sony Xperia X Premium smartphone. The device, as per the rumors, will supposedly succeed the Xperia Z5 Premium. As a new member of the new line of Xperia X flagship series, the new Xperia X Premium was tipped to be coming with a first of its kind display technology for a smartphone. The rumored Xperia X Premium was supposed to be the world’s first smartphone sporting HDR display technology. A 10-bit HDR display with a color depth of up to 1.07 billion was tipped for the device, along with an ultra-bright display at 1000 nits, and can go even further at 1300 nits. To compare, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Xiaomi Mi 5 only went at 855 and 600 nits, respectively.

The rest of the specs was said to be identical to what the Xperia X Performance has.


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