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Three new Best Buy laptops revealed in latest Which? tests

30 April 2016

Three New Best Buy Laptops Revealed In Latest Which? Tests

Laptops from Asus, Lenovo and Toshiba are among latest batch tested

They say good things come in threes and that’s definitely been the case in our latest batch of computer testing, as we found a trio of Best Buy Windows 10 laptops.

We put laptops from Asus, Lenovo and Toshiba through our gauntlet of tough lab tests to see which you should and shouldn’t buy. Test scores ranged between a mighty 83% and an awful 48%. An all-in-one PC we tested fared even worse. Its ugly display and sluggish processor meant that it was so bad that we were compelled to ‘award’ it a Which? Don’t Buy label.

With such a breadth of results, it pays to check out our expert reviews before you buy click to head to our laptop reviews and all-in-one PC reviews.12

Best Buy laptops

So you can find a laptop that suits your needs, we tested machines ranging from a bargain-bin 230 to a budget-busting 1,150. But price doesn’t always guarantee quality a premium laptop can have the most impressive sounding specs around, but if it’s a pain to type on or has a pathetic battery life, it will be denied a top score. One Best Buy among the best we’ve ever tested is described by Which? laptops expert Adam Marshall as: “a superb all-rounder. From the way it looks, to the way it operates, you’ll be left in no doubt that you’re using a premium machine.”

While a more affordable Best Buy has a “gorgeous 1920×1080 resolution display. Whether you’re using Word or watching your favourite flick, it looks beautifully crisp and detailed”.

We have more than 100 laptop reviews on our site. But if you just want to know which Windows 10 models top the lot, see our round up of the best Windows 10 laptops3.

Don’t Buy all-in-one PC

Of the three traditional desktop PCs we tested, one model costs around 700, while another costs less than half that price. You’ll want to avoid the PC that Which? expert Callum Tennent says “gets just about everything wrong, from its washed-out display to its tinny speakers and flimsy build”. With a total test score of just 44%, it’s the worst PC on test and a clear Don’t Buy. Avoid the desktop duds by checking out our pick of the best all-in-one PCs to buy4.

Laptop and all-in-one PC reviews

To see full reviews of all the computers we tested in April, click on the individual links below:


Asus ZenBook UX3015 1,150
Asus Transformer Book Flip TP2006 250
Asus X5407 400
Lenovo IdeaPad 300S8 230
Lenovo IdeaPad 3009 450
Lenovo IdeaPad 500S10 600
Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 26011 889
Lenovo G7012 400
Toshiba Satellite P7013 900
Toshiba Satellite P5014 1,100

All-in-one PCs

Lenovo IdeaCentre 30015 700
Acer Aspire Z1-60216 330
Acer Aspire Z3 – 70017 550

Prices correct on 9 April 2016 – click through to the reviews for the latest prices.

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