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Water Bomb Slingshot – Cyclone Water Bomb Shooter

Water Bomb Slingshot - Cyclone Water Bomb Shooter

  • Great for Outdoor fun
  • Use in water fights to ‘bomb’ your friends
  • Each ack includes water ballons
  • Great fun for the whole family
  • Suitable for Ages 5 yrs +

Cyclone Water Bomb Shooter

When water guns or pistols are just not man enough for the job, then employ the Daddy of Water Combat – the Water Bomb Slingshot! You will love giving your friends a super-soaking with this colourful Water Bomb Slingshot. Simply fill the enclosed balloons with water, load into the basket and catapult into mid-air. Bulls eye! Another family favourite for the summertime.


Each pack contains:

1 x Water Bomb Slingshot
Water balloons in assorted colours

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