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WWE Create-a-Superstar Goldust Figure

WWE Create-a-Superstar Goldust Figure

  • Take a WWE Superstar and get him ready for the ring however you want him to enter!
  • Mix and match gear, ring attire and body parts
  • Nearly unlimited combinations allow you to create your own WWE Superstar
  • Accessories and gear are compatible with other 6-inch WWE figures to mix and match through out the line
  • Lots of imaginative play for WWE fans

Get your favourite WWE Superstar ready for the ring We ve given kids the power to take one of their favourite WWE Superstars and fully customize his or her look Mix and match body parts or choose from an assortment of battle gear for original kid designed style The included ring attire battle accessories and removable tattoo decals are all compatible with other 6 inch Superstar figures sold separately for mix and match mash ups throughout the line Once your Superstar is ready for the ring change his look up again the combinations are nearly unlimited Each sold separately subject to availability Colours and decorations may vary

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