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WWE Create-a-Superstar Triple H Gladiator Figure – Recommended

WWE Create-a-Superstar Triple H Gladiator Figure

  • Create unlimited combinations to create your own WWE Superstar
  • Mix and match gear, ring attire and body parts
  • Battle gear is compatible with other 6-inch WWE figures
  • Lots of imaginative play for WWE fans
  • Collect them all to build out the Create-A-WWE Superstar world (each sold separately)

Create the ultimate WWE Superstar with the Triple H Gladiator Figure. Mix and match body parts and battle gear to build a completely unique figure. Show off your customized creation or challenge an existing 15cm WWE Superstar to the ultimate showdown! With Create-a-Superstar sets, it’s easy to for kids to build the fighter they’ve always dreamed of seeing in the ring. There are nearly unlimited combinations for the ultimate, one-of-a-kind wrestler! A great figure for ages six and up.

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Looking it over, you can imagine the sound effects that a boy will generate when he plays with this guy, 24 Sept. 2015
    Charles Ashbacher (Marion, Iowa United States) –

    This review is from: WWE Create-a-Superstar Triple H Gladiator Figure (Toy)
    With three heads, two different torsos, two sets of feet, and optional cape, mask and shield, the number of ways to build a gladiator is not endless, but it is numerous. All of the pieces are interchangable and once attached there is a great deal of freedom of movement in them. The hip, ankle and wrist joints allow for a great deal of twisting and the elbow and knee joints allow for significant bending. This gives the gladiatior many options in punching or kicking his opponents.
    The combination of the different constructions with that of an active imagination will keep a child involved for a long time. Younger children will also get some practice on using their fine motor skills as well when they swap the body parts.

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